Why Wellness Requires Coaching

 Becoming well, and getting ahead in terms of your health, is something you can try to do by yourself. But that usually means having to figure out everything from scratch – a process that can take decades. 

Why Wellness Requires Coaching

Fortunately, there are a bunch of people out there already who understand the landscape and can help you reach your health goals. 

The purpose of health coach services is to create long-term plans that make it more likely that you’ll be able to live a long and healthy life, without having to worry about the disease until the very end. 

Brad Schaeffer MedComp professional, believes that wellness requires a multi-pronged approach. It’s not just physical, but also mental, and that means that the mind also has to be in the right place.


A lot of people never achieve their wellness potential because of their negativity towards life. They feel down in the dumps about their existence, and can’t always see the point in carrying on. 

That sensation, however, isn’t just the effect of feeling poorly. It is also something that can cause it too. People with negative outlooks are much more likely to experience disease in the future. 

Negativity, however, can be overcome with the right coaching. It’s just a question of putting the right mental tools in place and getting past it. 


We all love to eat well. But inevitably, cravings enter the picture and we start desiring all of the things we know we shouldn’t eat. That’s when our wellness can take a hit. We consume an entire bucket of ice cream and don’t hold ourselves accountable. One bad day turns into a bad week which, in turn, becomes a bad month, and so on. 

A coach, however, helps to prevent these processes from spinning out of control. If you really want to achieve wellness, they can give you tools that make it more likely you’ll achieve it. 


Wellness coaches also have life-long experience of what actually works and helps people become healthier. They ignore the latest fads and gimmicks and just concentrate on proven methods. 

The internet, however, is problematic because it presents you with everyone’s opinion, no matter how scientifically illiterate. And so you can come away from reading advice columns with not just bad advice, but also downright dangerous. 

Coaches help you avoid all this confusion so you don’t make health mistakes. Their advice is usually sound. 

Why Wellness Requires Coaching


Why isn’t everyone well and in a state of bliss all the time? The answer is “because it’s hard.”

Think about what you have to give up to become well. You have to spend your evenings exercising, adjust your diet, and even spend hours doing meditation. These practices have real costs in your life, replacing simple pleasures that you once enjoyed, 

Coaches help you focus on the positives and avoid excessive thinking about the negatives. And that’s ultimately what you want from any wellness program. 

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