Top Ways To Spoil Your Cat And Make Them Happy

Everybody loves their pets and wants to make them happy. As a cat owner, there are many ways you can do just that while making yourself happy in the process. Here is a list of top activities that would contribute towards your cat’s happiness.

Ways To Spoil Your Cat

1. Cat costumes

Some of the most fun and enjoyable activities you can do with your pet is dressing them up in one of the many varieties of costumes available. This could be anything from a superhero costume to a princess or even devil costumes. These types of dress-up games help create a bond between yourself and your cats as well as spark their curiosity. It also increases the frequency that they will play around and jump on objects as they try to imitate what it is they are dressed up as. 

Of course, not all cats like this kind of attire, but there are those who really enjoy having some form of costume put on them. There is a wide range of cat costumes available all over the internet, so you can check that out and see what will look best on your kitty. Cats can be moody, so be aware of that and try to give them some treats, so they can relax.

2. Scratch posts

Scratching is a natural behavior of cats. This can be a cause for concern in a home where the cat has all the space they need to do this, therefore it is highly advised that you get your pet one of these posts which will help them fulfill their needs. Scratching posts are large poles stuffed with sisal rope or some other kind of material that cats seem to love scratching on. Many people would try using things like cardboard or carpet, but that often leads to them being torn apart, so if your cat isn’t going near the post, check what’s wrong with it because chances are there’s something they don’t like about it. There are so many shapes and sizes when it comes to scratch posts, so make sure the one you get your pet is appealing to them.

3. Treats

Cats never seem to get tired of treats. These little bites of goodness are not expensive and can come in all sorts of shapes and flavors. Treats are always great because they will help your kitty stay active, and it gives them something to hunt. Many cat owners would give their furry friends treats throughout the day, so try giving them small bits, so they don’t get overfed. Also, catnip is a herb that is often used as an enticement for many animals, including cats. When your pet smells the scent or eats this plant, its behavior becomes extremely relaxed and even acts drunk sometimes; this makes for some very funny moments that you can enjoy together with your pet. 

4. Adorable collars

Many pets have been seen wearing some kind of collar around their necks. This is a way of telling the world that they belong to someone. Collars are often something that is put on an animal, especially cats when they are very young, so it can take some time for them to get used to wearing this accessory. There are so many types of collars available for pet owners to purchase, so go ahead and check out the selection online and see what your feline friend will look best in. You can find ones with bells on them, as well as decorative ones that have a picture of your cat’s face on it.

5. Games

Games are always a great way to ensure that your pet is having fun and enjoying themselves. Cats are known for their natural ability to purr and play around, so make sure you get a game that they will enjoy. There are many varieties of games to choose from, such as laser pointers or even cat puzzles. If you can think about it, there’s a high chance that there is a specially made toy out there somewhere which could be perfect for your cat. Things like this might cost a bit more money, but it is well worth the experience you both will have together.

6. A big fluffy bed

Cats love to sleep, and they enjoy having a nice, warm place to do it in. Cats can sleep for up to eighteen hours each day, so it is important to make sure they have enough room to stretch out and relax when they do this. Sometimes you might find your pet sleeping on top of your bed or other furniture, but this isn’t the best solution because they could be hot or uncomfortable. To make sure your kitty has a warm place to sleep, get them their own comfy bed that is big enough for them to turn around in and snuggle up with their toys.

Cats are often known to be very independent animals, so when you get them one, they might not be that interested in your presence. It can take some time for a cat to become attached to their owners, but it is something that happens over time with patience and understanding. Hopefully, these 6 suggestions of how to spoil your cat will help you out in that.

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