How To Keep Your Pet Happy When You’re Leaving For A Trip

Pets deserve all the life that they can get. That includes proper care and guidance, especially if you’re planning to leave for a trip. Therefore, making and keeping your pet happy is essential so they won’t feel depressed while you’re gone. If you’re dreading the moment when you’ll have to leave your pet for a while, then here are some helpful tips that will make the separation much easier for everyone. 

Make the separation go smoothly

Some pets have separation anxiety, which can make things more difficult. Since leaving for a trip can be stressful in itself, the last thing you need is your anxiety-ridden pet. This is why it’s important to make the separation easier. You can do that by simply being nice and loving to your pet. If that doesn’t work, then ask a friend or relative to take them for a few hours until you leave. Additionally, you may want to take your pet for a longer walk, or even better, to a pet park, so they’ll get tired and fall asleep once they come home. This will definitely make the separation less stressful.

Leave them with someone you know

This can make everything go much more easily. If you have a friend that your pet simply adores, then consider leaving them with that person. If possible, let that be the person that your pet sees regularly and trusts. You might want to go a step further and create a pet emergency kit that will have all your pet’s favorite things. Dry pet food, a travel bowl, a blanket, and a pet first aid kit should all be included, especially if your pet is going to stay with that person in their house. 

Leave something of yours to make it easier

If your pet loves something of yours, such as a hairband, a blanket, or a sock, then leave that with them to make the goodbye easier for them. Your lingering scent will remind them of your presence, so they won’t feel as tense. This can be especially useful if you’re planning to leave your dog at the shelter for the duration of your trip. That way, your pet will have your scent to remind them of you. 

Consider hiring a pet sitter

Sure, trusting a stranger with both your beloved pet and your home can be risky. However, this has become the norm in many countries, from France to Australia. So if you’re unwilling or unable to ask a family member or a friend to watch your pet, then be sure to consider using a verified pet sitting service. This is a great option if you cannot stay with your pet and you’re also in a position where there’s no one to help you out. With a pet sitter, you can rest assured that your home and your pet are in safe hands. 

Keep things casual (and normal)

Leaving your pet is worrisome, so it’s best for everyone to keep things normal and casual. Of course, it’s crucial to leave the list of written instructions for the pet sitter, so they’ll know what to do. This will help your pet resume its routine without unnecessary complications. It is important to keep their routine the same, which includes their food, walking schedule, and the toys they play with. Changing their routine can be even more stressful for them, especially if you’re not there. 

Feel free to check in while you’re away

It makes sense that you’d want to know what happens to your pet while you’re away. So, feel free to ask for daily updates from the sitter, but be sure to do so without anxiety. Also, consider a short video call, especially if you’re used to that type of communication with your pet. It is important to find a healthy balance so your pet will feel cared for without you being too anxious or interfering. Keep in mind that checking in too often can make things even worse, especially if your pet requires some time to get used to your absence.

Relax and trust the process 

Once you take care of everything, it is time to relax and trust the process. Of course, that might seem easier said than done. In reality, it is absolutely necessary, as it will allow you to have fun on your trip without worrying too much. If you feel some guilt for leaving your pet behind, keep in mind that this is considered normal. You are free to travel from time to time, as long as you provide your pet with the best available care

In Conclusion 

These tips will help you keep your pet safe and happy when leaving for a trip. Though the separation is hard, remember that you deserve to enjoy traveling, especially if you give your pet the best sitter who’ll care for them while you’re gone. And in return, your  pet will be thrilled to see you once you come home. 

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