5 Ways to Set Your Mind in Motion This Summer

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It’s difficult being stuck in the house and trying to motivate yourself to get on with things. You keep coming up with new ways to distract yourself. Rather than falling into a slump, why not get round to sorting out your life admin? Or you could start a creative new project, so you’ll have something to look back on. Make the most of your time off and get organized before your brain turns to mush. Here are some stimulating activities to set your mind in motion this summer.

5 Ways to Set Your Mind in Motion This Summer


Could now be the time to get in some quality pondering about the possibility of a career change? If you’re aren’t as fulfilled as you want to be, you could make a list of pros and cons about your current role. Make a spider diagram of your transferable skills and use this to match it to potential jobs. Do your research to see what’s available and what qualifications and experience you might need.


This is linked to the first option. Is there something you’ve always wanted to study online but haven’t had the time to? Do some research into what type of online course could really benefit you for the future. The advantages of e-learning really allow you to follow your passions with more flexibility. It’s the perfect time to do that masters in nursing you’ve always planned on.


If you’re stuck at home with your children or just feel like having artistic adventures, The Tate Gallery has loads of cool interactive options online. You can make pop art like Andy Warhol, learn about street art, or even make a painting out of chocolate. There are plenty of awesome interactive activities for kids and adults alike. Be prepared to make a mess! There are also online podcasts and how-to guides for those of you a little more serious in pursuing art as a hobby, what better time to start?



FORMAT International Photography Festival is asking people from all over the world to take part in this mass project. The idea is to get a representation of many different perspectives and experiences of the current crisis. If you’re interested, why not snap some pictures around your home and neighborhood? You might end up becoming famous. If you’re not a budding photographer yet, there are plenty of apps and courses to get you up to speed. Put together a  collage of memories with your family.


If you have your own business or want to set up a name for yourself, why not think about starting your own blog? This could be a successful marketing tool and a way to network online. Social media is the future for many businesses, and an online presence is a bonus for anyone. If you want, you could alternatively set up a family blog to keep your relatives up-to-date with how you’re getting on. It’s a fun way to stay in touch by sharing photos and stories.

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