5 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Read on to learn of the ways that you can pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Year after year, we are bombarded by all things love-related as February 14th draws near. Whether you have a significant other or not, whether you are a parent or not (especially if you are a parent), how about showing yourself a little love this year? Here are 5 ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day.

1. Have a spa day. You need some peaceful alone time. If for no reason other than your mental and physical health, you need to relax. Don’t make a single excuse! If you can’t afford to go get a massage, facial, mani-pedi, or to get your hair done, lock the door to the bathroom and draw a bubble bath! Bring in a bottle of wine and a good book. Call the sitter (or Grandma or Dad) and tell them you will be unavailable for a solid hour or two. Try a DIY treatment. When’s the last time you slathered on a face mask? Only go the at-home route if you absolutely cannot squeeze a trip to an actual spa into your budget. Can you give up a week’s worth of drive-through coffee? Can you brown bag it, have a garage sale, or just cut back on superfluous spending on the kids for a little while? Give this date with yourself the same level of priority you would give to celebrating your best friend’s milestone birthday. Plan ahead and make it happen!

2. Go to a wine tasting. Whether it’s a free tasting at a local pub, a pricey charity event or a tour of a local winery, learn something new and expand your palette by going to a wine tasting! While it’s fun to bring a date or a friend, these events are great to go to solo. You don’t have to worry about conversation because there will be plenty to talk about. The host or bartender will be more than happy to teach you all about (and give you free samples of) different types of wine.

3. Take a cooking class. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, find a culinary class near you and have a little fun. Unlike high school, you won’t be graded in this class and you won’t look stupid for asking a question! You’ll likely make friends, have a lot of laughs and may leave with some impressive new skills.

4. Book a yoga retreat. Whether near or far, schedule a getaway meant only for you. Yoga in particular can be challenging, empowering, peaceful and spiritual, but if it’s not for you, find a different type of fitness retreat. These single and multi-day classes are meant to get you reacquainted with yourself. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the daily grind.

5. Attend an empowering seminar. What better way to boost your self-esteem than to network with like-minded women and learn strategies for reaching your goals? Whether you choose a weekend-long blogging conference or day-long women in business seminar, you’ll leave with optimism and a plan. Say goodbye to that “imposter syndrome” many of us feel and say hello to a defined sense of purpose! I can’t think of a better way to love yourself than to remind yourself that you are valuable and worthy.

No matter what you do, just do it!

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