10 Ways to Make this Christmas the Best One Yet

Another year has gone by, and Covid-19 continues to affect us all to some degree. Thankfully though, lockdown rules have eased compared to last year, so we can hopefully spend this year surrounded by our loved ones. Christmas is, of course, one of the loveliest times of the year, but if you are looking for ways to make it extra special, then keep reading. 

Here are 10 ways to make this Christmas the best one yet.

Ways to Make Christmas the Best One

Watch Christmas Movies With the Family

Christmas movies are a great way to keep the kids occupied, spend time together as a family, and create some more excitement about the big day approaching. Have each of your immediate family members write down a movie they want to watch in the run-up to Christmas and pop them all in a jar. Picking one at random will reduce the risk of any arguments and add an extra element of excitement for the kids.

Order Your Christmas Food in Advance

One of the most stressful things about Christmas is buying food. If your typical routine involves navigating your way around a bustling grocery store a few days before Christmas and struggling to find the things you need, you should try to plan it a bit differently this year. Many of the larger grocery stores offer deliveries, and others provide a click and collect service, so all you have to do is order online then collect it within an allotted time scale. It removes much of the hassle and leaves you with more time to deal with other priorities. 

Make Gifts That Little Bit More Special

Gifts are always special, but why not go that extra mile this year and buy your loved ones something that will be treasured for years to come. Whether it be a photo book for your grandparents, Belleek pottery for your in-laws, or a surprise weekend away for your partner, give some extra thought to your presents this year, and it’s sure to help make this Christmas the best one ever. Yes, Christmas should be about presence rather than presents, but it doesn’t mean you can do both. 

Start a New Christmas Tradition

Holidays are all about family traditions so, this year, why not start a new one to make your family’s Christmas that little bit more special. It could be anything from baking Christmas cookies with the kids to singing Christmas songs around the fire while toasting marshmallows. If you are struggling for inspiration, you can find loads of ideas online for activities and suggestions of things you can incorporate into your usual Christmas traditions. 

Make Christmas Cards With Your Kids

Many people have stopped sending Christmas cards to their friends and family to help reduce waste. If you are doing the same this year, why not make some with the kids instead, using old packaging and other bits and pieces that you might have lying around. Dried leaves and pine cones are great embellishments for homemade cards or, ask the kids to draw and color some festive pictures. Not only are homemade cards better for the environment, but it adds a more personal touch too. 

Put Up Your Christmas Decorations Early

Christmas decorations are traditionally put up to coincide with the start of advent but if you want to spread a bit of cheer earlier this year, put them up sooner than you usually would. When your home is awash with fairy lights, a magnificent tree, and beautiful ornaments, it creates a truly magical ambiance, so don’t worry about what other people might think and put your decorations up as early as you like. If you are feeling creative and fancy a change, you can even have a go at making homemade ornaments and decorations.

Go Hunting for Christmas Lights

If you want to make the build-up to Christmas even more exciting for the kids, why not take them on a drive around your local neighborhood to spot all the Christmas lights. Seeing all the beautiful decorations adorning the houses and gardens is a great way to pass the time, create special memories and build up the excitement of Christmas. If you live in a suburban area and driving isn’t necessary, you could always grab a hot chocolate and go for a lovely evening walk instead. 

Help Someone in Need

As sad as it may be, Christmas isn’t a magical time for everyone. Many people live alone and have no family, while others struggle to buy their children gifts or pay for food. If you are in the position to help someone else, then you should do it. You could maybe spend a few hours on Christmas Day helping out at a food kitchen or buy a few gifts for your local Christmas toy appeal. Doing something to help even one person this Christmas will make you feel proactive, and even the smallest gesture could transform their Christmas.   

Have Santa Send Your Kids a Message

There are lots of apps and websites which generate personalized messages from Santa, so if your kids still believe, then it’s definitely worthwhile if only to see the look on their little faces. Some applications offer a phone call, while the more sophisticated ones create a video message straight from the North Pole! It’s a fun and interactive way of generating a bit of excitement in the build-up to Christmas.

Don’t Get Stressed 

One of the best ways to ensure you have the best Christmas ever this year is to remind yourself of what’s important and keep your stress levels to a minimum. You may want the day to go without a hitch, but if it doesn’t – who cares? As long as you are surrounded by your loved ones and have enough food to satisfy your hunger, then it doesn’t matter if you overcooked the turkey or you forgot to make extra roast potatoes. Stress and Christmas usually go hand in hand, so do things differently this year and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

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