3 Ways Boudoir Photo Shoots Boost Self-Esteem

Have you ever been curious about boudoir photo shoots?

You’ve probably seen beautiful (and tasteful) imagery of nude women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones, and ages in magazines and thought, “I should do that one day!” What are you waiting for?! As long as you work with a photographer you trust and whose work you admire, you won’t regret it. Shedding layers for the camera in this very vulnerable way will actually minimize your insecurities. How can exposing all of your flaws and capturing them forever possibly do that? Here are 3 ways boudoir photoshoots boost self-esteem.

1. Comparison Will Work in Your Favor

I’m not suggesting you look up airbrushed celebrities and start comparing your body to theirs. I am, however, telling you to get a grip on what real bodies look like. Have you ever seen the fearlessness and strength that women with scars and amputations exhibit in these types of photoshoots? If they can hold their heads up high, strip down, and show the world what their bodies have survived, certainly you can do the same (and likely for a private audience, no less). Your body is strong and capable. Every imperfection tells a story; it’s a sign that you have lived. Why be ashamed of that?

2. You’ll Discover Your Strength in the Preparation Phrase

If you have a long time to plan for these pictures, you might start working out to tone up or slim down. In the process, you’ll see what you’re really capable of. Even if you choose not to hit the gym, you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself. Let’s admit it: we obsess when we know we’re going to be seen naked by someone new (be it a doctor, a partner, or a photographer)! You’ll remove hair, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, get a facial, get your hair done, and try new makeup techniques. 

You’ll go shopping for new lingerie to wear (and yes, you may be discouraged by the way some of those unrealistic styles fit you). You may think that picking yourself apart the way we do will make you feel bad about yourself, but how many times have you blasted music and recreated your own chick flick montage while getting ready to go out? You’ll feel most confident in becoming your best physical self. By finding out what makes you feel sexiest, you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera, and will know which poses are the most flattering for you.

3. We Feel Better About Ourselves When We’re Having Fun

If you enjoy the process of getting dressed up (or down) for these pictures, it will show in the final results. Make sure you get some costume options and/or props you are actually looking forward to wearing and using. Chat with the photographer in advance, ask questions about the experience, and make sure that she understands your vision. Remember, this is your day. Bring examples of photos you love. And be sure to bring your favorite music on the day of the shoot. You’ll have these images to look back on your years, as a reminder to yourself of how confident, brave, bold, and beautiful you really are.

I originally shared some tips on how to get ready and really surprised myself when I went to the actual shoot. It was fun, exciting, and exhilarating, and so many other words that I can’t even begin to express. I now have confidence that I exude that I never knew I had before. While I’ve never shared much about myself online, this photoshoot let me see for myself what others have been seeing all along. I intend to do this again, and it’s an experience that I recommend to all women, no matter their size, race, or age. You can do this and feel confident while doing it!

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