Virgin Gorda Vacations – Visit the Beauty That is the Caribbean

The second most populated and third largest of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is a stunning island. Remarkable villas, exquisite beaches, and stunning views all make Virgin Gorda vacations a must book.

Natural beauty gives Virgin Gorda an edge over other travel destinations. For an amazing Caribbean vacation, choose to swim at the beautiful beaches, take a stroll along indigenous plant-lined trails or hike to Gorda Peak.

The rich heritage of the islands is very apparent. From Spanish, Indian and African history, there is something to discover all around. Visit the Cornish Copper Mines or Take in the Spanish ruins at Little Fort National Park. The influences of Virgin Gorda’s history are displayed through shops, local cuisine, arts, gifts and even fashion.

Where to Stay

When booking your Virgin Gorda vacations, you will want to make sure that you use a reputable, helpful and trustworthy service. Villas are an amazing option when on vacation because they offer a home away from home, that allows you more freedoms than a traditional hotel.

When booking your rental you will want to ensure that you are choosing an option that will work best for your specific vacation.

Oil Nut Bay

The Oil Nut Bay Villas are an amazing place to take in some peace and quiet while still enjoying the natural beauty the northeastern end of the island has to offer. Choose from a large beachside villa that can accommodate your entire family or stay in an intimate and romantic cliffside hideaway that can only be accessed by boat. The possibilities are endless.

The Baths

With a gorgeous view of the National park, the Villa rentals at the baths are an amazing way to relax in the lap of luxury. With a gym, pool and tennis court, you can take advantage of the amazing luxury facilities or settle in on the terrace to enjoy the gorgeous sunset and a delicious meal.

The Villa rentals in Virgin Gorda are an amazing way to have a beautiful and fantastic vacation, all while staying at a wonderful place. The Villas offer several different luxurious amenities and options that are sure to please everyone. From Air conditioning to wifi, the Villas will not disappoint.

Planning Your Visit

The aim of any vacation is to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When planning your Virgin Gorda Vacation you should consider how long you will wish to visit. A week or two is the perfect amount of time to refresh and recharge, but you must also consider your budget.

Getting Around

Navigating the island is rather simple but you may want to consider a rental car for at least a portion of your stay. There are a few sites that are a bit out of the way that you may want to take in and enjoy such as Gorda Peak or Coppermine Point.

Things to Do 

Spend the day navigating the dramatic and beautiful granite boulder that are strewn across the beach at The Baths. With beautiful and clean ocean waters lapping the beautiful time eroded and softened rocks, you are sure to enjoy the natural beauty the Baths have to offer. Explore the tunnels and grottos formed by the stones, take a walk across the golden sand or take a relaxing swim in the calm ocean.

Devil’s Bay National Park

Boasting a large white sand beach with a beautiful landscape and fantastic horseshoe shape, Devil’s Bay National Park is a must visit. Climb the vast rocks, take a swim in the gorgeous sparkling water. Don’t forget the sunscreen and be prepared for a hike through and under rocks to get there.

Spring Bay

Snorkel and explore the beautiful marine life in the pristine beach at Spring Bay. Offering an amazing picnic area, a nearby playground, and a pristine beach, there are many different activities and fun to be had. Bordered by lush tropical plants, Spring Bay is a must visit while in Virgin Gorda.

Savannah Bay 

Savannah Bay offers one of the island’s largest beaches with fantastic snorkeling opportunities. With a reef close to the shoreline you can explore a variety of different marine life, beautiful white soft sand and quite a bit of seclusion. Just make sure to bring some water and sunscreen as the beach doesn’t offer any facilities.

Saba Rock

Sip a cocktail, dine or sunbathe while visiting Saba Rock. With a small and inviting beach, excellent views and delicious food, this islet is a great place to visit. Hungry? Try some of the fresh seafood or other traditional dishes offered by the onsite restaurant. Once you are finished exploring you can take a dip in the beach.

Virgin Gorda Peak

The highest point of the island sitting at 1,370 ft, the views reward hikers with a chance to take in the sights of the nearby and surrounding islands. There are two different hiking trails to choose from at the Virgin Gorda Peak, one is short and the other is a bit longer, but both are very well maintained and marked, ending up at the same platforms for visitors to view from. Surrounded by beautiful plants and nature you will notice the beauty that is Virgin Gorda.

There are many reasons to visit Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean. From the beautiful villa rentals to the amazing activities, sights, and culture, you are sure to find something that will exceed your vacation expectations and leave you wanting to visit again.

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