5 Tips to Sleep Better When You Are Traveling

Tips to Sleep Better when You are Traveling

If you find difficulty in sleeping while traveling, you are not alone. Almost 60% of people go through the same problem. Jet lags and sleep deprivation are quite common in ruining your tours but don’t worry. Here’s a list of a few tips that will surely help you sleep peacefully when you’re traveling.

Tips to Sleep Better When You are Traveling

1. Carry Your Pillow

You need to make sure that whenever you are traveling, you should always keep your pillow with you. At times, a sudden change in your bedding can create a huge effect on your sleeping pattern. You might be used to sleeping on a soft pillow and when given a hard pillow at your hotel, you’re in big trouble.

If your pillow is too huge to carry, you can opt for a Pillow Cube which is actually meant to be used for quick travel naps. There is a Pro version too that you can use at home but the small cube is perfect for travel. It is a small-sized cube shape pillow that can easily fit inside your bag.

So think of your pillow as your best friend whenever you plan to travel. Some people like to sleep without a pillow, which has its own health benefits. But if you are one of those lucky ones that like to sleep without a pillow, you have one less thing to worry about.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself well hydrated is very important not only when you are traveling but also in your daily routine. But when it comes to traveling especially when you are on a plane, keeping yourself hydrated becomes essential or it can be very critical. 

According to certified sleep specialists, dehydration can be fatal too. The reason is that when a plane goes to a higher altitude, the air becomes very dry so to avoid any health-related issue, make sure you drink a lot of water before you start your journey.

Staying hydrated will not only let you have a nice sleep but also it will keep your body fresh so that you can have a nice day and your trip doesn’t get ruined.

Tips to Sleep Better When You are Traveling

3. Avoid Alcohol

The most important tip that one can use in order to have comfortable sleep while traveling is staying away from alcohol. Alcohol affects your body in a very brutal manner, especially when you’re trying to have a peaceful sleep while traveling. One must make sure that they don’t consume alcohol at any cost.

You might have seen that people sleep quickly after drinking. It is partially true but it disrupts your entire melatonin production mechanism in your body that helps you in sleep and you end up waking up in a very stupefied condition after a while. It is also the reason for low quality sleep that directly affects your REM sleep and also makes you go to the bathroom again and again.

4. Eat Healthy Foods

It is advised by many doctors and specialists and also recommended for a healthy lifestyle that you eat moderately and do not fill your stomach. Some foods can also cause problems while you are traveling and it will affect your sleep and make you stay up during the entire journey. Doctors also advise not to consume caffeine or wine when you are traveling. 

Chemicals like amino acids and enzymes help in a peaceful sleep so one must keep eating things like almonds, warm milk, kiwifruit, walnut, chamomile tea, fatty fish, barley grass powder, lettuce or other natural remedies like kawa. These things are surely going to help you a lot in sleeping peacefully because they will fulfill your carbohydrates and vitamin needs.

5. Adjust Your Sleep as a Local

It has been observed very commonly that people who travel suffer difficulties in sleeping at a new place due to which they stay up all night and find themselves exhausted the next day. They basically end up disturbing their plans for the day and ruin the whole trip. So to avoid such a situation, one needs to start preparing themselves for the journey. 

One thing that you must do is plan strategically. All you need to do is start your bedtime routine one hour later or earlier than the usual time and then keep doing it for the consecutive three days by adding one more hour respectively in your sleeping routine. 

This will make your body adapt to the transition in your sleeping routine so that you don’t have to deal with insomnia when you are on your vacation. 

Also when you are arriving at your destination in the day time, make sure to get some sleep on the plane so that you enjoy to the fullest in the wide daylight. And if you are traveling at night, then don’t fall asleep on your flight. In fact, try sleeping once you reach your hotel room to complete your sleep cycle without any disruptions.

Tips to Sleep Better When You are Traveling

Basically, the bottom line is that your sleep is as important as anything else in your life. So make sure that you get plenty of sleep while traveling so that you can be fresh throughout the trip and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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