Top 7 Locations in Canada to Spend the Holidays With Your Family

The world’s second-largest country in the world is not one without magic up its sleeves. Canada has a habit of impressing its visitors with its snow-capped mountains, picturesque views, and heavenly lakes.

So, imagine how beautiful it would be to spend the holidays—easily the most magical season of the year—in the Canadian region.

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one location where you can celebrate the yuletide cheer with your family. Hence, we listed down seven charming spots in Canada instead.

Locations in Canada to Spend the Holidays

1. Banff

If there is one dream trip in Canada that we’d like to take, it’s the beautiful town of Banff, and there’s no question whatsoever as to why.

Driving through Banff is enough to make you fall in love with the place. From your car, you can see the beautiful mountains and the trees rolling through the view. The road trip to this enchanting place is a treat in itself. You can never resist opening your windows to enjoy the landscape.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. During Christmastime, light shows and sleigh rides are all over the town. You can even visit Santa’s workshop, where you can feel that holiday glow!

2. Québec

Quebec has many Christmas traditions that you must experience at least once in this lifetime. But if you genuinely enjoy the vibe, you can make it a habit to visit Quebec every year.

Even with Quebec’s already colorful culture, the holiday season makes the entire merriment more alive and bursting with excitement.

They have their annual Catholic Midnight Mass and an American Santa Claus to seal the deal. They also carry a handful of French and Anglo-Saxon traditions. This includes singing French Christmas carols and “butcheries” of chicken, turkey, and other usual holiday meats.

3. Saskatoon

There are a plethora of festive and fun things to do in Saskatoon during the holidays. 

Both locals and visitors alike enjoy the annual Christmas Market in town where you can get a lot of trinkets and souvenirs. Plus, they offer a variety of snacks and drinks to munch on while enjoying street music and visual display of Christmas ornaments.

Aside from that, they also have the Enchanted Forest Holiday Light Tour at the Forestry Farm. This is where you can be treated to a fantastic display of Christmas trees and dancing lights. If you’re lucky, you can watch the exceptional performance of different holiday plays.

And like the other towns, you can also enjoy winter sports like cross-country skiing and skating at one of the parks and rinks in Saskatoon.

4. Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Banff is so mystic and remarkable; it deserves the spotlight. If you’re already in Banff, it’s an unfortunate thing to skip a visit to Lake Louise. This Instagrammable glacier-fed body of water magically transforms into a winter wonderland during the holidays.

Nothing beats enjoying a hot cup of tea, chocolate, cappuccino, or your holiday eggnog against the cold, wintry vibe of Lake Louise. You can spend a couple of hours in the lake, sipping in every moment of quiet and calm amidst the rowdy merriment back in the main town.

But if you’re feeling extra adventurous during this season, you can go snowshoeing, hiking, and play shinny hockey with your family.

5. Ottawa

If you’re looking for a true Canadian Christmas celebration, you don’t need to look further. The country’s capital of Ottawa is brimming with holiday euphoria in every corner.

They’ve got holiday markets, tree ceremonies, and different public events that will make you feel and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Aside from the fact that the entire city is covered in Christmas lights, you can even take a flight with Santa! Ottawa Biplane Adventures offers special flights during Christmas that usually take around 10 to 15 minutes. This is where you can get an excellent panoramic view of the city from Santa’s perspective.

If you’re going to Canada with your kids, you can take an easy trip to one of the Christmas tree museums in town. You can choose between the Museum of History Christmas Tree or the National Gallery of Canada Tree. But if you’ve got the time, you can always do both.

6. Yellowknife

The closest you can get to the North Pole is right here in Canada. Yellowknife has arctic-like surroundings that will make you feel Santa Claus and his army of elves will pop out when the clock strikes 12.

You can go dog-sledding and snowshoeing during the day or visit national landmarks. This includes the Legislative Assembly and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center. But natives and visitors flock to this town because there is a guaranteed appearance of the elusive aurora borealis.

A sight of the Northern Lights during Christmas will make your holiday a memorable one.

7. Montréal

As a French-speaking town in Quebec, Montreal has French traditions to celebrate the holidays.

Noël, as they call it, is spent with many events, activities, and shows that encapsulate the true meaning of Christmas.

They have a Santa Claus parade, winter light display, and the traditional Christmas mass. They also have an impressive fireworks display every December 14, 21, 28, and January 4.

Locations in Canada to Spend the Holidays

Wherever you look in Canada, you’ll instantly feel that holiday cheer! The only thing that you probably need to consider is how family-friendly the place is for you and your little ones. There’s one for every family on this side of the world, so don’t hesitate to pick your Christmas vacation spot.

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