Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Small Business on Instagram

In 2022 and beyond, for small businesses, Instagram will be a new marketing domain, with the capability to bring in a large number of new customers. With over 1 billion users globally as of July 2019, it was ranked #6 among the world’s most popular social networks. It has a visually stunning focus and a joyful feel, which makes it popular among users.

The secret to success in utilizing Instagram marketing in 2022, as it is with other social networks, is to build an engaged following and position yourself as part of the online network that might very quickly become your future client base. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a small business owner asking how to handle Instagram marketing. Here we have rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you grow your small business on Instagram. 

  1. Make Use Of A Business Account

You can select whether to create a personal or business account when you join up for Instagram. The latter is ideal for businesses because it allows you to analyze data, link your account to your Facebook page, run paid ads, and make it easier for followers to contact you. 

Starting with a separate corporate account is essential for growing your brand’s Instagram presence, and it will aid you in strategizing and implementing many of our Instagram marketing tips for small businesses

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  1. Use The Link Option In Your Bio

The lone link box on Instagram has prompted some inventive solutions from social media administrators. It’s become standard practice to refer to your “link in bio” in posts and to use this link to bring visitors to a landing page that contains both new material and older connections to your most popular product and service sites. 

The landing page strategy is for you if your company shares links have a lot of products or all of the above. Building a link on the bio landing page can be done in a variety of ways.

  1. Leverage Highlights In Instagram’s Stories To Show Off What Your Company Is All About 

You can use the Highlights feature to tell people more about your business. Highlights allow you to turn those Stories into an excellent source of great content by displaying them on your profile after they’ve expired. Begin by learning the basics, such as:

  • About: A couple of postings on your values, hours, and brand.
  • Highlights or locations for each location: If you have many locations, talk about them and show images from each one.
  • Reviews or posts from customers: Repost customer feed posts or make a graphic that emphasizes reviews from other places.
  • FAQs: Share information that is frequently requested by customers. You’ll save time when responding to consumers because you’ll be able to direct them to this page. Highlight
  • Features of the product/service: Make a general one or one for each product or service. Some things are simply too big to fit into a single blog post. This is where you can get into the nitty-gritty.

It’s time to broaden your horizons now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals. It’s a good idea to start with the content subjects you’re already developing in your feed. Will you make a series about each of your employees? Make a point of emphasizing everything. Maybe you work as an event planner. You can show behind the scenes your work to demonstrate what you do for the client. Enjoy yourself with your Highlights. This is where the personality of your company may be seen.

  1. Make Good Use Of Hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the most crucial features for businesses on Instagram. They allow folks who aren’t already following you to find your material. In accordance with research, utilizing 7 to 30 hashtags for each post is the most effective, although this fluctuates based on the number of followers you have. 

Instagram has launched a tool that lets you check the number of people who discovered your post via hashtags. This might aid you in determining the effectiveness of your hashtags in terms of creating engagement. Don’t ignore the #hashtag approach as an effective Instagram marketing technique for small businesses! 

Now that you know how to utilize hashtags effectively as one of our top Instagram ideas for a small business, there’s one more thing you should do. We recommend inserting all of the hashtags as the initial comment soon after posting to keep your Instagram captions short and easy to read.

  1. Always Use Instagram Live

When sales managers and business owners discovered themselves functioning from home but still wanted to communicate with customers on a human level, going Live for companies became quite popular in 2022. There are major benefits to using Instagram Live. The primary advantage is that followers are alerted when a profile they follow goes live. This real-time connection is essential, particularly if you want to get seen on the internet. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on Live:

  • Go behind the scenes: Take a look behind the scenes by giving a tour of your workspace or demonstrating a creative process. You should begin with anything that the customer does not have public access to. 
  • Conduct a Q&A: Instagram offers a Q&A tool that alters the story post to reflect the accompanying sticker if you use it. Live Q&As can be open-ended (AMA) or focused on specific goods.
  • Organize an interview: Use another account to watch the live stream. Having a guest on the Live allows you to do an on-the-spot interview with them or offer them the opportunity to speak about something they’re passionate about.
  • Demonstrate a product or service: Is it more effective to exhibit rather than speak about your goods or service? Use Live to go over things in more depth. If you enable comments, your viewers will also provide you with suggestions for what they wish to see.
  1. Organize A Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is one of the most obvious ways to grow your Instagram account. Even more than a fantastic bargain, people appreciate getting free goods. You might be able to get more post-engagement depending on how you package the present. In addition to encouraging others to follow your account, add criteria such as saving a post, commenting on it, or sending it to a friend.

Because Instagram contests are easy-peasy fruit, they can help small businesses. To improve brand awareness, you can also cooperate with different small businesses that have a similar target demographic. Obviously, you shouldn’t use this tactic as your only social media strategy. Present your new admirers with more reasons to remain around than just organizing gifts.

In conclusion

This list is a wonderful place to start when it comes to Instagram advertising strategies that small businesses may utilize to boost their visibility on the social networking platform. Using strategies like adding Stories Highlights and using Instagram Live constantly to your Instagram strategy can assist you in developing a relationship with your clients.

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