10 Things in Your Home Right Now That Could Be Worth Something

Whether you are going through a tough time and need a little extra money to tide you over, or you fancy treating the family to a nice meal but you don’t want to dip into the savings in order to do so, you could potentially find the extra income you need right here in your home!

Most of us are sitting on a treasure trove of potentially lucrative stuff that we might consider little more than junk or flutter, and by selling it on to the right buyer, we could make more money than we ever thought possible without even leaving the house!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some commonly found things in the home that could be worth something:

things in your home that could be worth something

1. That old wreck in the garage

It might be more rust than chrome, but if you have an old car or motorcycle in the garage, it might be worth looking at the going rate for junk cars because you might be pleasantly surprised. Even scrap metal has a decent value, and by getting rid of your old car, not only can you make money, but you can also free up some much-needed space too.

2. Old tech

You might not think that your old Blackberry or your ancient Nintendo console would be worth anything to anyone, but you would be dead wrong. Enthusiasts collect all manner of old tech, especially if it was from one of the big names like Apple or Nintendo, and especially if you cannot find it for sale anymore, so it is definitely worth putting it up on eBay or wherever to see if you can pique anyone’s interest.

3. Vintage t-shirts

Most people think the only vintage clothing that have value are designer goods or things like leather jackets and boots that look better with age, but that is simply not true. Vintage t-shirts, whether they be band shirts, comic book t-shirts, or even Hawaiian shirts, are all highly sought after by collectors and can fetch a pretty penny, so now might be the perfect time to start cleaning out your closet.

4. Books 

If you have a lot of books and if many of them are older, it might be worth going through your collection to check if any of them are first editions or to see if they have any interesting markings such as author signatures, which could mean they have significant value. First editions can sell for thousands, especially when the book is a classic and the author is no longer with us, so your bookshelf really could be a potential source of wealth.

5. Typewriters and sewing machine

Although technology has moved on and computers and digital sewing machines have replaced their mechanical predecessors, there is a big market for older models that offer a simpler way of doing things, and which quite simply look great as decoration too. So, if you have an old Singer or a vintage typewriter in your home, get it valued ASAP.

6. Toys and action figures

If you are a big kid at heart, or if you have kids of your own, it is likely that there are some toys and action figures around the house that you don’t even think about anymore. However, certain items can be worth serious money, especially if they are from classic ranges such as Star Wars or Transformers. A quick search online should give you an idea of what things are worth and where to sell them for the best price.

7. China and glassware

China teacups, plates, bowls, and other similar items can often be picked up very cheaply at garage sales or thrift stores, but if you have a good eye for pattern and design, you might be able to spot some real treasures that are worth a lot of money. The same goes for glassware, so next time you see an old vase or decanter in a charity shop, it might be worth picking it up and doing a bit of research to see if it is valuable.

8. Sports equipment

There are all kinds of things around the house that can be used for sports, from golf clubs to bicycles, and if you have any gear that you no longer use, it could be worth something to someone else. You can often get good prices for second-hand sports equipment at pawn shops or specialist stores, and if you have any rare or vintage items, they could be worth a small fortune.

9. Musical instruments

Lots of people learn to play an instrument when they are young but then give it up as they get older, and if you have any old instruments lying around the house, it might be time to dust them off and see if you can make some money from them. Guitars, in particular, can be very valuable, especially if they are vintage models or from well-known brands such as Fender or Gibson.

10. Artwork

If you have any paintings or sculptures in your home, it is always worth getting them valued, as you might be surprised at how much they are worth. Of course, not everyone has a Picasso on their hands, but even relatively modest pieces can sell for a good price if they are by a well-known artist or are particularly striking. So, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at any artwork you have in your home to see if it could be valuable.

These are just some of the things that could be hiding in your home that are actually worth quite a lot of money. Of course, not everything is going to be valuable, but it is always worth getting things valued just in case, as you never know when you might come across a real gem. Who knows, you might even be sitting on a small fortune without even realizing it!

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