The Biggest Adventure – Wild Camping

Camping in the forest

When you have a wild spirit, travel can be something that fills your heart up full and soothes you for a while. Curiosity will see you dance across the globe. Eating delicious food, learning more about people and culture than you can possibly imagine. Some people love to kick back in a hotel, they like to know that there is a range of onsite amenities. Others like a hostel, a little bit more relaxed, less onsite facilities and often cheaper.

Then we go down the line – glamping, camping, and finally wild camping.

Wild camping is the closest you’ll come to freedom while camping. You’ll be more into nature, the wilderness, and some quality peace.

There is a big rise in the number of people who are following wild camping, van life, and huts on a beach in Bali – kind of lifestyle.

So while you ponder the possibility of checking out a used Jeep for sale for the trunk space, portable shower options, and how you can max fresh coffee every morning – here is a list of great wild camping options globally.

The Biggest Adventure - Wild Camping


The chances are you have seen at least a couple of episodes of the visually stunning Vikings on Amazon or Netflix. And while it wasn’t all filmed there, it can give you a hankering for the wilderness. There are many places in Sweden that you are free to wild camp in, but Gotland might just be perfect. Sweden and other Nordic countries do require that you leave the area as you found it. But you have 497 miles of coastline to explore, and you can choose any of that to camp in. You can also opt to head to neighboring islands if that interests you.


Keep heading north, and it gets wilder and wilder. Vancouver Island is known for its diverse and interesting ecosystem. You’re aiming for the West Coast Trail and the Pacific Rim National Park. They are renowned for being stunning all throughout the year. Depending on when you choose to visit you might see otters, orcas, or geese!

Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Filled with rivers, lakes, and vast spruce forests, Hossa National Park in Finland only opened in 2017 and has made a big impact. Like it’s neighboring country Sweden, Finland welcomes wild campers. In fact, they have a range of lean-to shelters and cabins that can be used too. They are all equipped with spots for safe campfires too.


Not everyone can hike the huge 4,207 kilometer stretch for fun. However! You can dip in and out of the long stretch in your car. The stretch is brimming with beautiful snow-capped mountains, stunning lakes, and meadows. The interesting thing is that you can get in touch with nature here and forage.

There are morel mushrooms in man and huckleberries in June. Interestingly if you light high-end fungi, then the lion’s man, porcini and chanterelle mushrooms might be just up your street. You’re allowed to pick 5 gallons of fruits, mushrooms and other edibles per day per person.

The Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA

Wild camping is for free-spirited lovers of the great outdoors. The stars are your roof, and the sun is your alarm clock.

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