Parenting 101: 5 Tech Skills Your Teenager Should Learn

Tech Skills Your Teenager Should Learn

Life goes by fast, and before you realize it, your toddler is now a teenager. With this new generation, electronics are a constant; you will always see them logged into the internet through computers, laptops, and phones. As a parent, you may be worried about the amount of time they spend on these screens, but before you ask your teenager to log out, get to know if they’re engaging in something constructive. Technological know-how, being a requirement in our day-to-day life, your teen could learn essential skills for their future.

Below are tech skills that your teenager should learn.

Tech Skills Your Teenager Should Learn

Navigating Online Networking and Social Sites

With the frequent use of social media and networking sites, companies invest billions to reach clients and larger audiences through content and ads. Other than conversing with friends, ensure your teen learns how to navigate these sites. These skills may come in handy in the future when they need to market their business or run a campaign ad for their employing companies. However, ensure they also learn how to present themselves in the best way possible on these platforms.

Graphic Design

If your teenager is interested in design and art, learning graphic design will provide the necessary technological skills to express themselves. With companies, it is an aesthetic way to represent their brands. They do so through marketing by creating appealing product designs and logos. With this skill, your teenager can develop their creative talent, widen companies’ appeal, and be their boss.

Office Software

Every office requires the use of computer software. The most basic is typing and keying in information in word processors like Microsoft Word. Classrooms in college are currently filled with students who use laptops to write notes and type assignments. Encourage your teen to learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Spreadsheets as they come in handy while in school and in their future jobs.

Web Development and Coding

In this digital age, coding is the most frequently learned language. It enables you to operate various electronic devices such as the television, phones, and remote controllers through commands and algorithms. Once you discover that your teenager is interested in coding, enable them to grow their skills with Whitehat Jr and learn languages such as JavaScript, C++, and Python.

Learning web development through programs such as Cascading Style Sheets and HTML and coding skills is also a tech skill that can be valuable to your teenager. Websites are in high demand from individuals and companies that need to build their brand identity and sell their products/services.

Database Use

Companies and businesses require a wide range of databases to store information on sales, human resource, security, and finances. One of the major skills your teen should learn is how to create a database and enhance its security by keeping track of passwords. They should understand how their actions impact a database and directly affect the people involved.

Bottom Line

The Tech Industry is vast and provides numerous opportunities for anyone willing to acquire the necessary skills. As a parent, encourage and enable your teenager to learn some of these skills. They can learn on their own through the internet, video games, or in an approved institution. Skills in tech areas like office software, graphic design, database use, social sites, web development, and coding will be vital for their future.

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