10 Great Ski Destination for the Whole Family

Most ski resorts work hard in catering to families. That’s because family skiing trips offer outsized revenue streams to ski resorts. They’re also one of the fundamental driving forces in boosting sales. 

This explains why ski resorts offer different amenities. This includes beginner-friendly and advanced ski terrain. There are also ski resorts that provide parking and lodging and near restaurants and cafes. As such, staying in a ski resort can help you enjoy a perfect vacation

In this post, we’ll walk you through the ten great ski destination resorts for the entire family: 

Ski Destinations

1. Telluride, USA

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, this former mining town has become a great ski and golf resort. The city features several historic landmarks. This includes the Telluride Museum and the Sheridan Opera House. 

You can also come across several picturesque winter trails that avid hikers will surely love. There are also other fun activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snow biking, ice climbing, and so much more.

2. Ylläs, Finland

If you’ve dreamed about being surrounded by snow-dusted trees, the magical Northern Lights, and the glow of the midnight sun, then you wouldn’t want to miss Ylläs. 

Known to be the biggest ski resort in Finland and home to the longest ski slopes in the country, it has a great network of cross-country trails. This offers visitors unique accommodation choices that fit their budgets. 

3 . British Columbia, Canada

There are several reasons why this makes it on our list as the best ski family ski destinations. Whether you’re looking at the coastal mountains on the sea-to-sky highway or the high mountains on the Alberta border, skiing here is excellent for families. 

Not only will you experience the easy-going and friendly Canadian atmosphere, but you’ll also find yourself in an excellent mix of runs. This means you’ll never run out of hills that you want to explore. 

B.C is also home to the best ski resorts in the world, so you wouldn’t run out of options of resorts that cater to the entire family. 

4. Hokkaido, Japan

Do you know that Japan is home to over 600 ski resorts? Fortunately, this makes it possible for you to find an excellent family ski resort for great prices. 

Moreover, if you plan your timing right, you might have the chance to have the whole ski hills all to yourself. There’s nothing better for your kids learning to ski than a sweet hill that has no traffic. 

Moreover, the best ski resorts in this area offer excellent winter activities for kids whenever they get tired or bored. Popular activities in the region include snowshoeing, winter hiking, and tubing. If this doesn’t excite you enough, how about ending the day with delicious Japanese cuisine?

5. Courchevel, France

Although known for its upscale villages, Courchevel is an excellent location for more advanced skiers. More so if you’re searching for snow thrills of a lifetime.

The place has approximately 15 kilometers of Aalphone ski terrain that are accessed by 60 lifts. 

Not only does the yearly average of four meters of natural snow well maintain, but off-piste skiing is also impressive. 

Those who want to go tight tree skiing can head off to Jockeys and Jean Blanc pistes. You’ll also come across restaurants from any of the five villages, where seven of them are Michelin-starred restaurants. 

6. Zermatt, Switzerland

This ski resort is the highest location in Europe. It’s also the most popular ski resort in Switzerland. 

It already has snow as early as November, making it an ideal location for anyone who wants to get a jump on the ski season. 

Skiing here is ideal for families, as it provides a great blend of Alpine villages, modern ski lifts, and various ski trails and clubs. These attractions introduce kids and beginners to the skiing world. 

7. Kitzbühel, Austria

Located in the Austrian Alps and within easy access to Innsbruck and Salzburg, Kitzbühel looks picture-perfect. That’s because of its fresco-painted buildings, Alpine ski towns, and gorgeous mountain chalets. 

Its cozy boutiques and luxury hotels also give off the chic Swiss resort vibe. Thus, the place exudes comfortable family accommodations and welcoming families on a budget. 

Serious skiers can head to the white-knuckle descents, where they can find a legendary 85 percent vertical. This is also where skiers compete every year in the Hahnenkamm, one of the most challenging downhill races. 

Beginners and less skilled skiers can check out the gentler slopes and the long, vast cruisers. The Bichlalm area, for instance, is designed for freestylers and riders. 

8. Portillo, Chile

Portillo is probably one of Chile’s more remote locations. The resort here offers classic ski experiences set in a spectacular setting. 

This family-owned resort has been up and running for over 60 years and provides excellent service and hospitality for guests. If you’re traveling or volunteering in Chile, this is something that you shouldn’t miss. 

9. Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy

This upscale resort in Italy is set in a beautiful backdrop, where you can mix high-end glamor and off-the-beaten-track. 

Only known to the most traveled skiers before the 1956 Winter Olympics, this is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. 

Accommodations here might be costly. However, ski passes offer great value, providing you access to lifts and trails, plenty of different resorts, and interconnected slopes that span about 400 kilometers. 

10. The Remarkables, New Zealand

This stunning mountain range is home to New Zealand’s best slopes, making your jaw drop as you admire its beauty. 

It caters to skiers with different abilities and skills. It also features plenty of safe areas for beginners to practice.

It’s also set in a convenient location, just a quick 35-minute drive from Queenstown. Thus, this ski destination makes it easy for you to integrate your city and ski holiday in the South Island.

You can also try a couple of snow sports, visit gorgeous vineyards, and learn all about the area’s mining history. 

Ski Season is here! Have you made any ski vacation plans with your family yet? Make it happen with these incredible ski destinations on this list!

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