5 Reasons to Not Have a Trendy Wedding

Trends are all the rage these days. We see them everywhere and they seem to be the most popular option for everyone. What is the point of following trends if you know that they could be wrong for you? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t follow the trends. One, because it is a waste of your time and money. Two, because it could make you feel like there is something wrong with your wedding style, and three, because it can make people think that your wedding style is too mainstream or not unique enough. These are all just very basic reasons, but trends go much further than that too!

So why should you pick a wedding style that fits your personality? You should pick one that reflects who you are as a person and your partner too. This special day needs to be the perfect reflection of you both as a couple. Here are some of the top reasons why your wedding shouldn’t have trends!

You may look back and hate it

You’ve probably looked back at old clothes you wore and questioned why you even wore them in the first place, right? Well, the concept can honestly be used for weddings too. Why spends thousands on something when there may be the chance that you’ll look back on it all and be filled with some regret.

The reasons why trends are considered so unsustainable would be due to them not aging well. Thanks to social media, trends are constantly coming and going. Trends age worse now more than ever. So think about it. If you’re picking something for your special day, whether it’s flowers, the colors, the dress, even right down to the wedding bow ties, shouldn’t it be timeless and classic rather than something that’s only “cool” for the moment?

They don’t reflect the couple

Trendy weddings often don’t reflect what you really want for your wedding day, which means that you might end up with a less personal experience than you would have liked. If you’re on a very tight budget and only trying to use what you have, this could be a different story.

Too expensive

Trendy weddings are one of the most popular types of weddings in around the world today. They are often seen as more fun, quirky, and to a degree, even pretty different (depending on the decor) compared to other types of weddings and have become increasingly become the more “go-to” wedding style. 

The downside is that they can end up being more expensive than other types of weddings, which can lead to financial problems for some couples later on in life. It comes down to the basic economics of supply and demand. For example, naked wedding cakes are huge right now, so these cakes are more expensive than other styles.

Lack of individualism

A non-trendy wedding can be just as individualistic and personal as a trendy one, but without all the added costs associated with it. Trends can lead to you feeling like you’re missing out on the fun because everyone else is doing it too, which leads to a lack of authenticity in your wedding day plans and ideas for your guests. If there are trends that you genuinely like, then you should go at them then. 

In Conclusion

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, so make sure it is a day that you will remember forever! Use these tips to help you plan the perfect wedding that suits your unique personality and style. Have fun with it and good luck!

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