Kids Will Now Love Taking Their Vitamins

We all want our kids to grow up to be strong and healthy but they don’t always get the vitamins that they need in their diet. Why? One of the main reason is that most kids are very picky eaters and it can be difficult getting them to try new foods. When Madison first started eating solids I introduced veggies before I introduced fruits. I figured if she liked the really bland stuff, then she’s definitely going to love the sweet stuff. I also ate right along with her so she could see that I enjoyed eating them too. Now she’s older, she still eats her veggies but she is a lot more selective and has become one of those picky pre-schooler that we know and love so well. One way to get them to have all the nutrients that they have been missing in their diet is by introducing multi-vitamins. Rainbow Light products are the ones that we have been using currently. Kids love anything that looks and taste like candy and Rainbow Light doesn’t disappoint.

I received 2 packages to sample and I want to share them with you. First let’s go into the Rainbow Light Power Sours Multivitamin and Multimineral.  These come in a 30ct box with single servings individually wrapped. Each package contains 4 sour gummies and while these are recommended for ages 4+ I decided to split the servings into 2 for Madison who will be 4 in just 3 months. They come with extra Vitamin C which I loved. This is the cold and flu season and we all know we can do with extra Vitamin C in our diets because it’s very hard to find fresh citrus fruits around this time, and for those kids who hate drinking their orange juice this is a great way to get that Vitamin C in. I tasted them myself and while they aren’t too sour the kids seemed to love them.

With 4 yummy flavors which includes strawberry, lemon, sour pineapple and raspberry they are also gluten free and 100% natural. Two of my favorite words. We all know how much we love natural on Growing Up Madison. They also contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no preservatives, additives or flavors. And for your kids who suffer with allergies, they are also dairy-free, yeast-free, lactose-free, soy-free and contain no nuts.

Now on to the Rainbow Light Power Sours Multivitamin and Multimineral.  These come also come in a 30ct box but in this case they come in a single serve package of 3 gummies. This one comes in three delicious flavors, orange, strawberry and lemon. They are also gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, and yeast-free. They also contain no hydrogenated oils or nuts for those with allergy sensitivity. This also contains none of the yucky stuff that you would want in your little one’s body. Just plain old goodness and the vitamins and minerals that they may be lacking.

Now Madison did the taste test as you can see and she loved them. I even did the test and I loved them too. If you’re wondering, Rainbow Light also makes gummy vitamins for adults too so you won’t feel left out.

So here are 3 reasons why we love them.

They are easy to take. No need for water because they are chewable. We all know how much we hate taking pills. Now your kids won’t have an excuse not to take their vitamins.

They come in single serve packages that are sealed which keeps them fresh and prevents them from clumping together. They are also easy to travel with. Total win for me! I can’t tell how many vitamins I’ve bought and after a week, if they aren’t finished, they’re stuck together and just a mess.

They are all natural and doesn’t contain anything that I would have to worry about. Now my kids can have the vitamins and minerals they need that is all natural and I will be worry free.

It’s why I will recommend Rainbow Light Multivitamins and Minerals to all my friends.

So let’s discuss: Do you think your kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need in their diet? 

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