Planning to Purchase a New Water Heater? Here’s What to Consider

What to consider when purchasing a new water heater

 Millions of water heaters are replaced or newly installed each year, and the demand is still growing. There are different varieties of water heating systems to choose from, depending on your needs and requirements. Due to technology changes, you can now find energy-efficient, powerful, cost-effective water heating systems that are much better than their traditional counterparts. With a sound installation, you are assured of a stress-free experience using them, making you enjoy improved living standards. What do you look for when buying a new water heater? There are several things to consider, including the below.

What to consider when purchasing a water heater


You should first ask yourself the kind of water heater you will need depending on your house, needs, and preferences. This is because several water heaters are available, depending on the brand, making operation, and using fuel. Most water heater brands are divided into two, the tank and the tankless water heaters. These tankless options are always cost-effective, meaning they will make you save money in buying and maintaining them, and they last longer as compared to their tank counterparts. The tankless heaters also take little space, making them the best to use in smaller homes. On the other hand, tank water heaters are cheap to buy but have higher maintenance costs in running them. However, they are the best when in need of multiple hot water fixtures in your home. 


Technology has rendered many old water systems useless since they used to consume more power with less output. We now have better water heating systems that use less fuel, including solar but provide better results. It would greatly help if you went for the modern designs that are energy efficient and have lower maintenance costs. The tankless water heating systems are more efficient than the tank ones and only provide hot water when needed, thus reducing losses at a very high percentage. Get a system that will minimize your spending in purchasing, maintenance, and also one that’s environmentally friendly.

What to consider when purchasing a new water heater


Do not purchase the complicated types if you aren’t ready to pay the installation costs. Most ordinary water heating systems are easy to install and don’t require many pipes in the house. However, you may need to get it from a company that does the installation or call a professional installer to fix the more extensive, sophisticated types. All these come with an extra cost, which you must incorporate into your budget. How much does it cost to install? While some selling companies do it for free, installation charges vary from one company to another, and the water heating system type. It’s better to seek a quote depending on your house and needs and then get the full charges from buying, installation, and maintenance to know the whole project’s viability.


Water heaters come in different sizes to fit different house needs. If living alone with few requirements and a shower, you might require a tankless heater system, which is more effective. The tankless water heater system will provide you with instant, hot water benefits and give you hot water anytime you need it instantly. However, if it’s for family use with several showerheads and multiple hot eater fixtures, you may require a tank system that can accommodate several people at the same time. Ensure you fully consider all the options before committing yourself to buy one. The more water you will require or the more the family members, the larger the tank you will need for your heating system and vice versa.


Sometimes, you may want something urgently, which, due to underlying factors, can’t wait. It might be either you have a sick family member who requires hot water every time, or your previous system has broken, and you can’t live without one. You should choose the system depending on its installation and urgency. The tank systems will need adequate time to fix the tanks and test their functioning, while the tankless systems are more straightforward and fast to install. The larger the tank, the more time your installation company will need to carry out the installation since they have to connect it to all areas requiring hot water. Ensure you get an expert who will provide you with faster services at minimal costs.

What to consider when purchasing a new water heater

We hope his article has helped you choose the best water heating system according to your needs and preferences. It is essential to consider all the stated factors to develop the best choice to get value for your money. If possible, choosing a professional installer to guide you in selecting the best.

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