Original Sprout Baby Hair Care Products Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

All opinions are my own.

Taken from the Original Sprout Website:

The Free & Clean formulas in our natural baby products contain soothing organic botanicals & are ultra-gentle making them the perfect choice for baby’s sensitive skin. Our bestselling Hair & Body Babywash, along with our Scrumptious Baby Cream, & Natural Hair Gel moisturize, nourish & protect baby’s hair & skin without harsh chemicals, hormone disruptors & other common offenders.

I love great products, especially the ones that read organic or all-natural. I have sensitive skin so I’m very particular about what products I use so I was super excited to try out these new luxury baby products. I know tI say they are baby products but they can be also used on bigger kids and adults as well, and not only are these products free of most of the yucky stuff but they’re also 100% vegan. They also contain no soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy. 

I’m not going to bore you with more pictures of me using bath products and washing of my hair. I think you’ve seen me enough times in my bathtub to know that I really do use every product that’s been sent to me. After all, I can’t review them without using them right? I do promise to have a few pictures though because this you just have to see!

The products we received were the Original Sprout Deep Conditioner, Original Sprout Miracle Detangler, Original Sprout Natural Shampoo and the Original Sprout Hair and Body Baby Wash. 

Everyone (well my regular readers) knows that I love taking baths and they’re the perfect time to review new hair care products. I admit that I didn’t use the Hair and Body Baby Wash on my hair but on my body because I really wanted to try the natural shampoo. The Hair and Body Baby Wash smells amazing and left my skin feeling very soft to the touch. Well since I have baby skin it was already soft but it made it feel even better and I smelled really nice too. 

Now, these were the products I was dying to try. The Original Sprout Natural Shampoo and the Original Sprout Deep Conditioner. Have you heard the term, you get what you pay for? Well, you truly do get a great product with these two. The shampoo didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy (I couldn’t have that with my thick hair) and it also left it smelling really fresh and clean.  The Deep Conditioner is to die for. I’ve never deep conditioned my hair before so this was the very first time and I have to tell you that I’m going to keep deep conditioning. It was so easy to rinse out as well and both are tear free. My hair felt so soft and nice when I was done. 

Since I’m not showing you those pictures I will show you a picture of me after getting my hair washed with the products and it is sprayed with the miracle detangler. As you can see my hair gets really tangled after washing so mommy always have to have a detangler close by and I also use my magical hairbrush. I really wished that you could see my hair and smell it. It was amazing!

Hair Freshly Washed and Air Dried

Mommy decided to let my hair air dry so that we could really see how the detangler worked. After all the real test in a detangler is after a shampoo and your hair has air dried or you’ve dried with a towel. It’s usually knotted. In this picture, Mommy sprayed my hair with the detangler and you can actually see it in my photo. Since I have really thick hair I needed a bit more than usual so mommy sprayed it liberally. 

Hair sprayed with Original Sprout Miracle Detangler

Look at the difference it made to my hair. I can actually see it. My hair was not only much softer to the touch but there was no ouch moment either. I can really say that the detangler really worked on my hair. If it worked on my thick hair it can work on yours too. It really was a miracle!

Original Sprout Miracle Detangler surely worked a miracle

 I can say without hesitation that Original Sprout Hair Care Products gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You can connect with the Original Sprout company via their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

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