Must-Try Water Sports in Malaysia

If a person loves water and loves the splashy-splashy feeling of being in it, then Malaysia is the place to be. There are a lot of water sports available in Malaysia that will surely fit anyone’s fancy. A person may travel to all the beautiful beaches by booking a bus ticket online. The huge, rushing waves from the seas and rivers in Malaysia may bring the hearts of the people traveling to soaring heights. A person may enjoy all kinds of water sports along the 4700 km of water coastline. Due to the warm tropical climate, water sports in Malaysia can be the best activity that a person can do there.

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Water Sports in Malaysia to Enjoy

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is a big habitat for all the thrilling water sports in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur can be easily traveled to by getting a bus ticket online. Here are some of the water sports in Malaysia that can be enjoyed by a person, along with the places to visit to get the best experience:

Mangrove Kayaking

Mangrove kayaking is a popular water sport in Malaysia and can be done on Langkawi Island in Kedah. It will require someone to be in close proximity to nature and wildlife, keeping an eye out for otters, eagles, monkeys, birds, and snakes.

Whitewater Rafting

Perak’s Singer River provides the ultimate challenge in water sports in the Malaysia department. The whitewater rafting challenge requires a whole day to finish and stretches over an area of 13km in length. The rapids have been graded from 3 to 6. The mode can be rightly said to be intermediate to beast mode.

Bamboo Rafting

A person might go bamboo rafting on the Langat River in Selangor, which is quite a unique experience. A person would be sitting on 4-5 bamboos tied together as an experienced sailor navigates it with another old bamboo in his hands. A person might never know when it may come undone, but it never does and is quite safe.


BatuBurok Beach in Terengganu calls to the hearts of the surfers. This is the place for the daring water sport in Malaysia, and the season lasts from October to March. This peninsular east coast is closed off to tourists and sightseers due to the heavy monsoons and the wild waves—but is that not the perfect formula for surfing? 


Balok Beach, Pahang, located in a strategic location on the east coast, is famous for windsurfing. The strong winds and rolling waves make this place one of the top 10 beaches worldwide for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Several competitions for sportsmen happen here.

Standup Paddling

TanjungResang in Johor offers the beauty of flora and fauna and is one of the perfect places to have some peace of mind as a person enjoys the water sport of standup paddling. The blue waters with the white sand might be the next romantic getaway for a person.


The MiriSibuti Coral Reefs National Park in Sarawak has the perfect diving spot in Malaysia, with a depth of 7 to 30 meters. The diversity of the corals and marine life makes it one of Malaysia’s true gems for water sports.

Underwater Sea-Walking

Sabah’s Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park (TARP) is one of the best places for sea-walking and checking out life underwater.

In Conclusion

Water sports in Malaysia are many and quite interesting as well. With its clear blue waters and vibrant underwater flora and fauna lining the islands and white sand crunching under a person’s feet, water sports in Malaysia are a true favorite among travelers. 

The country has something to offer for everyone, from the experienced surfer to the first-time sea walker. A person might get a bus ticket from any famous company, such as redBus, and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey to these watersports in Malaysia. And what can be better than starting a new adventure with a few extra bucks in your pocket? Nothing, we say. So book that bus ticket online now! 

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