7 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Travelers

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Travelers

 Preparation for a trip is a tiresome and time-consuming process. Before the trip, you have to manage to do many crucial tasks like preparing all the documents, choose places to visit, find the best options for transport and accommodation, and pack your things. What’s more, you need to get everything settled at home and work. There is so much stuff to do that it seems you are already exhausted. Despite it, you can make all those tasks easy-as-pie with the help of several apps on your iPhone. Yes, that’s simple, and you don’t need to look for them because there is a list of 7 iPhone apps that will help you both in preparations and during your trip. 


Certainly, you’ll need the photos of your face, made in compliance with all the council requirements. To get the visa, you need to take photos quite carefully according to the necessary metrics. You can get it with the help of professionals in photo studios, or you can take the photos yourself, at home, with the best passport picture app. The second way allows you to save your time and money, which you can use for preparations. Passport & ID Photo Maker includes passport and visa templates for more than a hundred countries. Simply take the photo of your face, upload it to the program, choose the country of your destination. Besides, there are additional features with which you can change the background color, retouch your photos, and even remove unwanted objects. After this, Passport & ID Photo Maker will crop your photo to the needed size and enhance it. The program also allows you to print these photos in the highest quality so you can take them right to the council. 


Once you have your visa approved, it is necessary to plan the trip, book plane tickets and hotels. As you know, it’s quite difficult to find a good hotel or airplane ticket at a reasonable price. Although you can easily do it with Skyscanner. This is a metasearch app that offers an extensive choice of different travel services at the best prices. It’ll help you to book not only plane tickets and hotels but also to rent a car.


Maps.Me will become your guide to any country you are traveling in. You can use this app instead of inconvenient paper maps or maps on the Internet cause it is available offline. It will help you to navigate through the unknown city. With Maps.Me you can find, sign, and bookmark places that you’ve visited or would like to visit. This app includes maps of more than 300 countries that you can download for free and use any time without Internet access. Besides, you can share your location with your friends to find each other more easily.


If you’re looking for a great transport booking service, you can install Omio. It will automatically choose an optimal path and offer the transport which will take you to your destination. Also, you can book a car, train, or bus using this app. In addition, Omio has partnerships with most transportation companies in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, which allows you to choose the option that suits you the most. Moreover, you can have the Omio discount card and save money on your next trips.


All seasoned travelers know that packing is a crucial and delicate part of any trip. It can be difficult to remember and, sometimes, even to know all the things you need to take with you. However, you can get PackPoint and free yourself from keeping all these things in mind. PackPoint helps you build your own list of necessary things according to your planning activities, length of travel, and the weather at your destination. And as a nice bonus, there is an option to share this list with your friends who travel with you to help them to pack.


Even if we are abroad, we still need to stay connected with our family and friends. With Rebtel, you can call your close ones from any corner of the globe. The positive side is that it isn’t based on the Internet as WhatsApp, so you won’t need to search for a Wi-fi spot to make a call. Therefore, Rebtel offers connections of very high quality, without choppy calls and drops. This app will not hit your wallet, in contrast to the mobile providers that take a fortune for foreign calls. For example, 209 minutes of calls to India will cost you only 5$. 


It happens that unexpected events, like flight cancellations, cause travelers to stay in town and look for a hotel for a night. Luckily, Dayuse.com took care of travel lovers. This app will help you find a hotel room for a day or even a couple of hours. The service works in around 20 countries and has partnerships with thousands of hotels. In addition, the prices of the rooms in the hotels, suggested by Dayuse.com, are much lower than regular. By the way, if you have booked the room but your plans changed, don’t worry – the cancellation is free.

Now you are wholly equipped and ready for an unforgettable trip. These apps will help you get rid of bothering about little things so you can relax and enjoy your adventures. It is always better to fill your head with vivid memories of happy moments than worries.  

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