Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker and WetBag Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

I was not paid in any way to write this review. 

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If you have had a baby you know that we’re always in diapers and accidents can happen. Now no one likes having an accident, especially when you’re dressed up all pretty.

I have actually had one of those accidents while out with mommy and thankfully mommy always walks with extra sets of clothing for me. After all that’s what great mommies do. They carry around lots of extras. Now wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to walk around with so much extras? Granted you will still need an extra set of clothing for us dirty little ones who makes a mess but it wouldn’t be because of a diaper blowout.

Melzy Blowout Blocker with instructions

My latest accident actually happened not too long ago and thankfully we already had Melzy so mommy actually got to experience and use this first hand with me. Remember that trip to the doctor where I got my 18 month old vaccines? Well after that session I became constipated and my granny recommended giving me prune juice. Do you know how fast prune juice works? Especially if you drink too much of it? Mommy had no idea and I loved the taste so much that I drank quite a bit.

New Blowout Blocker Design with Tab Fastener

Well less than an hour later I had a major blowout and it wasn’t a pretty sight either. The entire back of my shirt was dirty and that meant having a bath. No wipes was going to do the job. Luckily for us because Melzy had sent us their Blowout Blocker mommy quickly put it on me just in case there was another blowout. Know what happened? I had another blowout, not as big as my first one but the Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker actually kept my shirt clean although now my Blowout Blocker had to be washed. It is machine washable and comes out looking great after a wash. One little tip, since this has velcro mommy recommends closing the tabs to prevent it messing up your other clothing.

The Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker is really easy to use and the instructions are pretty simple as well.

Step 1: Diaper your baby with a standard diaper

Step 2: Place the inside, smooth white material of the Blocker against the back of your baby.

Step 3: Wrap the waistband of the Blocker over the top of the waistband of the diaper, securing it around the hipbones. Should be snug, but comfortable (2 fingers fitting comfortably in the waistband).

The tab attaches to the back of my disposable diaper keeping it in place for even more protection. The Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker fits waist/hips 12-18 inches.

Sitting in my Melzy Blowout Blocker

Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker comes in a variety of colors so you will find one that you love.

We also received the WetBag which is perfect for not only containing your soiled Blowout Blocker  but it can be used for everything that’s wet. It is not recommended for soaking wet items but rather damp clothing.

This can also be used to store your dry clean things as well when you no longer need to use a Blowout Blocker. It is 6 x 8 inches and has a drawstring closure. It is also made of water resistant PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). Especially great for use when out and about.

The Wetbag also comes in a variety of colors so choosing your favorite should be no problem at all.

We recommend getting not just one of the Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker especially since you’ll probably have one in the wash while using another. Pick up a few of them. You’ll probably need it! Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker is available for purchase in the USA and Canada.

Do I recommend the Melzy Baby Blowout Blocker and WetBag? I sure do! I give Melzy 2 Tiny Thumbs Up!

Lots of colors to choose from

The Melzy Baby Story:

Melzy Baby LLC sells the first and only diaper extensions to catch those disastrous diaper leaks!  Melzy Baby was started by a mother of three boys who was tired of dealing with those messy up-the-back diaper blowouts.  She wanted the freedom to leave the house and not have to worry about cleaning up a stinky blowout mess that would ruin baby’s clothing, car seat covers, etc.  After a lot of creating and experimenting she came up with the Blowout Blocker!  Her goal was to save parents from the stress and mess that a diaper blowout creates.

As her boys grew she discovered another diaper leak issue that caused her much worry, loss of sleep and extra laundry.  When her boys started leaking out the front and sides of their diapers at night she flipped the Blowout Blocker around to the front of her child to catch those night time leaks.  With some minor adjustments the Soaker Stopper was created!  No more waking up in the middle of the night to a crying wet baby!

Parents have enough to worry about, now diaper leaks don’t have to be one of them!

You can connect with Melzy Baby via their Website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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