Meet the Newest Members of Our Family – AWW

You may have noticed that we didn’t have any posts yesterday. It’s been a really busy month for us but we’re not complaining. Yesterday mommy wanted to take a blogging break so she can regroup. That’s why today’s Almost Wordless Wednesday post is being published on Thursday. Yes we’re late but better late than never right?

Now did you notice the name of our post? We actually have two new members in our household and no mommy didn’t have twins. My partner in crime Kitty had 2 kittens. Mommy has been procrastinating in getting her fixed and since she very rarely goes outdoors we thought we were good until 2 new kittens showed up.

They are totally adorable and everyone gets to hold and play with them including Gizmo my puppy. Gizmo actually thinks they’re his kids and takes such good care of them. He sits near their bed whenever Kitty leaves and even gives them a bath with his wet tongue. It is so cute to watch.

We don’t have any names for them yet, but we don’t plan on keeping them so we will leave the naming up to the new families that gets to have them. Mommy will be taking them to the vet very soon so that they could get their shots and make sure that they’re ok.

I can’t wait for them to get bigger so I can do more things with them.

Do you have pets and have they ever had babies?

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