Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Lipstick On

Let me put my Lipstick On ~ by Maison Margiela.

By no means can I be identified as a “beauty or fashion blogger”, but rather a lifestyle blogger who enjoys speaking about life and style. 😉However, when it comes to fragrances, this is something that I both love and revel in, it’s one of the finer things that brings me immense delight. My perfume collection is extensive, with currently over 50 bottles, and while my husband thinks that it’s ‘too much’, it will continually grow, since there will always be a new release that has to make its way to my collection. I like to call it one of life’s “sweet” pleasures. Notice the pun?

For April, I was first introduced to Maison Margiela, and their REPLICA line through my Sephora Play monthly subscription box. It’s one of the few that I subscribe to, although the majority of the contents end up in my daughter Krxssy’s hands. However, the perfume samples almost always stay with me.

I was able to sample both REPLICA Beach Walk (which Krxssy now owns) and Lipstick On, and in my opinion, Lipstick On just screamed, “BUY ME!”. There was absolutely nothing special about the bottle presentation, and the bottle is rather mundane and reminiscent of those apothecary jars, the ones that I remember my grandmother having while growing up, but the fragrance was stunning!! Can a scent be stunning?

While I’m all about presentation, and usually that’s how perfumes find their way into my collection, Lipstick On’s bottle was very unassuming. I did appreciate the wrapped twine around the pump top, which gave it a touch of class, and the cotton labeling. And as I mentioned previously, the scent won me over!

Scents that are girly, fruity or powdery are a must have for me, and this has that perfect powdery aroma, without being overpowering. No, you’re not going to smell like a newborn baby’s bum, but you will leave a lasting impression on whomever you come into contact with.

According to the description:

This combines airy, powdery notes of solid iris with sensual galbanum, vanilla bourbon, and absolute tonka bean to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment—a woman’s nocturnal beauty ritual.

Envision getting ready to go out on a night on the town. You put on your fanciest clothing, your makeup, your lipstick, and follow up with this bottle of REPLICA. Consider it as putting the final touches on the beginning of a fantastic night, applying your lipstick on!

I adore fragrances that evoke memories, and whenever I wear this, which is only on extraordinary occasions, it induces pleasant memories of my grandmother. She wore something quite similar while I was growing up, which makes this very dear to my heart.

This perfume is currently available only in one size, which is a very generous 100ml / 3.4 oz and in the Eau de Toilette Spray form. While I prefer Eau de Parfum, this one indeed does last a substantial length of time so you won’t feel like you’re throwing your money away, considering it is somewhat pricey at $126.

I highly suggest using this for evenings out, because you never leave home without putting your Lipstick On!

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