Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom – 7 Naughty Tips

Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom

 Everyone needs to spice up their bedroom from time to time; there is no shame in that. This problem is great to have since the search for the solution is fun, to say the least. Even if the flame in the bedroom is not diminishing, it is still exciting to mix things up for no other reason than to explore. In case you and your partner are feeling naughty and would like to try something new, these seven tips might be just what you were looking for.  

Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom


All people have sexual fantasies. Usually, the problem for many is that they think that the “perversions” found inside their imagination are considered “weird.” Couples avoid talking about the subject out of fear of rejection or being made fun of. It would be recommended that you speak with your partner about this. 

There is a high possibility that they are feeling the same. By opening up, you both will live through your fantasies no matter what they are. 


It is not uncommon to dress up in the bedroom. Even if people might find it cheesy, the activity itself can be proven to be quite fun. The possibilities are limitless. 

You can take on the role of a slutty maid or rugged lumberjack, or even act as a doctor and a patient. The point is to wear anything outlandish and role play, even if it may sound silly, in order to spark your imagination and make your blood boil. 


If you want to spice things up, toys could be proven to be a great solution. Using sex gadgets during foreplay is a great way to start. Some can be used during or instead of sex entirely. Sex toys can be for him or her. 

Some can even be shared, depending on how imaginative and willing you are to try out new things. For example, many couples use all sorts of phallic-looking toys to stimulate the anus of their partner. Even if it might sound taboo for some straight people, penetrating the man’s anus can stimulate his prostate, which is considered to be the male G spot. As experts from The HotSpot would say: “There is something to suit every couple, from short and sweet to large and long.” If you consider yourself a “virgin” when it comes to “backside” play, it would be wise to start out with something short and sweet. On the other hand, there are plenty of other toys to choose from, like vibrators, beads, rings, and so on. No matter which one you decide to use, it will undoubtedly create an exciting atmosphere and bring something thrilling to your bed. 

Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom


Not switching up sex positions can become monotonous very fast. For that reason, you could try spicing things up by trying some new and exciting routines. You could go “at it” for example:

  • Standing
  • Side by side
  • Being on top
  • Being on the bottom

If this is not enough, there are many books on this subject which can spark your imagination. Kama Sutra gives a detailed description of 64 sexual positions. That alone is enough, at least for the beginning. 


If you do not know what next you could try in your bedroom, think about talking dirty. In case you are not used to it, there is a chance of being afraid of sounding ridiculous. 

The trick is to be present at the moment and show what you feel through words without sounding artificial and that you are saying things just because. There is no need to shy away from saying out loud to your partner what you want to do to her or him. 

Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom


Being rough in the bedroom is not as intimidating as it sounds. The point of participating in such an activity is not to hurt your partner, no one would like that, but to enjoy each other but not in a usually romantic way. 

If you decide on this approach, there are few ideas that can be implemented without going overboard as a start. For example, think about including these activities as a part of your alone time sessions:

  • Biting
  • Choking
  • Holding your partner down
  • Pulling hair
  • Scratching
  • Slapping
  • Spanking
  • Taking control


Masturbation can be turned into a partner activity. In case you are running out of ideas of what to do in bed, this could be a fun way to take the pressure off. Pleasing each other or yourself in the presence of your partner can be quite an exhilarating thing. 

You might even discover that the way you touch your partner is different from what you are doing. The desire to use the knowledge you gained by looking will show up in a matter of minutes, so when the next naughty session arrives, you will know exactly which buttons to push. 

Keeping Things Interesting in the Bedroom

No matter where you turn in this day and age, you will see sex. It may sound crude, but the fact is that it can be seen on TV through the various movie and shows scenes, by watching porn, or even on a red carpet with celebrities going there practically naked. 

Even so, things shown on media outlets are not realistic and might bring you and your partner down. If you decide to keep your bedroom fresh and innovative by spicing things up, this advice might come in handy. At the end of the day, there is no harm in trying. 

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