Useful Kayaking Tips and Tricks From the Experts

Useful Kayaking Tips and Tricks From the Experts

Kayaking is a great activity to take up as a hobby. It is suitable for all ages and genders, and you can even engage in it with kids and kin. If you fall deeply in love with it, you could as well pursue it further and take part in competitive sports for kayakers. Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand that the waters may not always be your friend. Sometimes it can get turbulent, and you could end up finding yourself in deep danger. To be safe while enjoying the best of this summer-friendly water activity, it is best to learn a thing or two from the experts. With this said, here are a few useful kayaking tips from the experts you will find worth your time.

kayaking tips and tricks
  1. Before Off-Set 

As a beginner, kayaking may not only be daunting, but it is also downright confusing. You need to know the pros and cons of the game before you decide to be involved in it. Some of the things to do before you go unwind in the waters as you enjoy your new sport. You have to make sure that you are properly dressed for the waters, not the weather. Avoid heavy clothes when kayaking. It makes the sport easier and interesting. Do not forget your life jacket.

You will have to carry your belongings with you as you paddle. That means that you have to have waterproof storage spaces. Imagine getting your expensive phone soaked in water? Also, you have to be aware of the safety practices so that you do not endanger your life when enjoying your sport. And just like professions with their jargon, kayaking has its river language which involves signs and gestures. Getting familiar with these will help in communicating when the situation does not allow it. It is also important to consider the weather before heading out.

  1. Watch How You Paddle 

The kayaking paddle helps you maneuver effectively in your vessel. Your strokes will determine whether the vessel goes forward, sideways, backward, or stays still. This means that you should also master the art of hitting the water by knowing the paddling styles and where they are most applicable. Remember, your paddling technique will largely be dictated by the paddle you choose, along with factors such as the type of water you are sailing. This makes it important to choose the right paddle type, size, and design based on the nature of your activity. When you know how to hold and grip the paddle and which one to choose, you can avoid getting tired easily or getting yourself in danger. It also makes you confident enough while navigating different situations in the water.

  1. Other Tricks While In the Waters

The first thing you have to do is to ensure that you are comfortable when kayaking. Sit down making sure that your back is supported in the kayak. Make sure that your feet are pegged and pointed outwards while your knees have an upward outward bend. That ensures that your legs contact and apply pressure to the thigh braces.

Once you are sure of your comfort, pace yourself. Do not be in a rush, and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature as you paddle through the waters. Focus on the fun and the game. After all, even the turtle wins. Nonetheless, you will want to be alert as you enjoy the moment. Be on the lookout for animals that can be out to attack you and rocks that can make the sport a nightmare. Furthermore, this is not a road trip, so ditch that playlist and listen to the waves and the birds sing. Hear the trees swing and the water flow. Connect with nature.

Lastly, while in the waters, make sure that you are at the closest distance possible. Stay in contact and let that be the rule of thumb when kayaking.

  1. Back at the Shore  

Now that you are out of the water, remember to stretch! Your body was glued to one position for an hour or so. If you do not go flexing and stretching after kayaking, your body might encounter aches and cramps. At this point, your clothes are wet, and you do not want them to get damaged by mold and rust. Dry them in the sun. Before you pack your equipment and gear back, remember to do a checkup. Check to see if there will be any scratches, tears, or any damages. If any, have it fixed as soon as possible.

Very few activities are more enjoyable than kayaking. But as we have seen, it gets even more fun if you have a few skills and hacks from experienced kayakers. The above are just a few tricks and tips you can borrow from kayaking experts.

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