8 Important Lessons to Teach Your Teenage Daughter

Adolescence is an uphill climb. There will be a lot of changes in the body brought about by hormonal fluctuations. Teenagers are also much more prone to having intense feelings and experiencing drastic changes in mood and personality. Needless to say, raising a teenage daughter can be very challenging, but it is also when the guidance of parents matters the most.

There are plenty of lessons that you can impart to your teenage daughter as they embark on their journey through adolescence. Here are some of them:

Important Lessons to Teach Your Daughter

1. Be Respectful

Being respectful goes a long way. One of the most important lessons any teenage girl must learn is having respect for other people. As they grow older, they will encounter people whose values and beliefs differ from them, but they must always remember to treat them with respect, understanding, and empathy. When they give respect to others, they will usually earn the same kind of respect from people. Nevertheless, girls should also learn the importance of setting healthy boundaries and of saying “no” when the situation calls for it. 

2. Engage in Sports

Parents should encourage their teenage daughters to be active and find a sport that they enjoy playing. Getting regular physical activity helps young women to stay fit and healthy. Studies also show that adolescents who play sports are much more likely to be happy. Engaging in sports, or in any kind of friendly competition for that matter, also helps build character because it teaches discipline, perseverance, and goal-orientedness.

3. Stand Up for What Is right

Teenage years are considered the most transformative years in a person’s life. It is when teenagers begin forming their own beliefs, values, and principles. During this time, parents must be able to teach their teenage daughters how to find their voice and use it for speaking up for what they think is right. There will be times when their daughters will be bullied and discriminated against, or will encounter people with malignant convictions or ideas, and parents carry the responsibility of teaching them to stand up for themselves.

4. Practice Proper Hygiene

Having good hygiene practices plays a vital role in maintaining a sense of wellbeing. Teenage girls who practice proper hygiene are more confident with themselves and are generally well-liked by others. One of the ways to achieve good hygiene is to keep body odor at bay. By taking a bath regularly, using antiperspirants, and wearing special apparel like antimicrobial socks for women, teenage girls will have the confidence to do their day-to-day activities without worrying about body odor.

Important Lessons to Teach Your Daughter

5. Value Education

Parents have the responsibility to teach young women not to take their education for granted. Beginning early childhood, education plays a part in character-building. It expands one’s knowledge, helps shape one’s morals and values, and sharpens one’s critical thinking abilities. Education teaches a person everything they need to know in order to be successful in life, and this is a value many teenagers tend to overlook nowadays. 

6. Be True to Oneself

Adolescence is a challenging period. Many teenagers struggle with insecurity and self-doubt. Many would find it difficult to fit in with their peers and might even think that changing who they are is a necessary step in finding their circle. As parents, you are in the best place to tell your teenage daughter that what matters most is to be herself. Being different does not have to equate to being alone. Being different means being unique, and as long as she stays true to herself without harming others, she would find people who would love and accept her for who she truly is.

7. Save Money

Saving money can be really hard for most young women, but it is an important lesson to learn even as early as during one’s teenage years. There are a lot of practical financial tips you can share with your teenager to help them become a smart spender. For one, you can teach them to keep track of their expenses or how much money is spent on things they buy. Another tip is to teach them not to be an impulsive buyer and to think twice about their purchases. By doing these things, you can help your teenager become smart about money.

8. Have Self-Respect

If there’s only one thing a parent should teach their teenage daughter, it should be self-respect. Parents should tell their young girls that they deserve good things in life and that they are worthy to be treated right. Teenage girls should be taught how to stand up and speak up for themselves when they are being mistreated by anyone. When they know their worth, they will not be abused, because they would know when it is time to walk away or to get help.

Important Lessons to Teach Your Daughter

Being a parent to a teenage daughter is not a walk in the park, but there is nothing quite more rewarding than helping your  girl grow into a strong and beautiful woman through your guidance.

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