3 Ideal Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Looking to show your mom how much you care this year? Here are three great gift ideas that will make her feel extra special on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mothers Day

Mom most certainly has our hearts and this time of year we take the opportunity to show her exactly how much the kindness of that heart means to us as one of her children.

Choosing just the right Mother’s Day gift that reflects the thanks and love we feel for her may seem initially overwhelming. While presenting her with a gift card so she can select something herself may sound like the safest and most foolproof option, it unfortunately lacks the heart and intention of which she is deserving.

After all the thought and herculean effort she has put into raising us to be the conscientious and caring people we now are, we can give her more than a cold plastic or digital voucher. Take some time to think of her as an independent woman in addition to her role as mother, to consider what her wants and needs are, to discover what she does on those rare occasions when she treats herself. Let’s gift her something for Mother’s Day that she should have bought for herself but didn’t due to her sense of priorities and frugality. Let’s have mom open our present and feel instantly connected to what’s inside, and thereby appreciated by us.

Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

Consider a hostess gift

Maybe mom is the perfect hostess, known far and wide for graciously inviting family, friends, and soon to be friends, into her comfortable home for evenings of exceptional conversation, scrumptious eats, and bolstering beverages. Or maybe she quietly unwinds each evening with a signature highball or mocktail, reviewing that day’s events, readying herself for a much-deserved rest, to be fresh and prepared to engage with the following morning’s activities and challenges. Maybe mom simply loves to have beautiful things around her and has a penchant for collecting delicate, pretty pieces.

Selecting from Weston Table’s collection of vintage cocktail and specialty glasses will undoubtedly thrill either of these three types of mom and make her immediately feel valued as the new owner of a gift with provenance and style. In addition to the crafted beauty of the pieces, passing along these vintage vessels is a nod to sustainability and recognition of the high quality derived from the past – like her. Remember as well, that each glass silhouette serves a purpose and actually elevates the drinking experience and enjoyment. Having the right tool for the job is something mom can be proud of.

Give the gift of flowers

Flowers are as ubiquitous for Mother’s Day as neckties are for Father’s Day. While both are rather clichéd, mom most likely truly does enjoy a bundle of blooms for her special day. Unfortunately the joy they give is fleeting. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could inject some longevity into this visually impressive presentation?

The Fleura porcelain vase from Venus et Fleur captures the unique beauty of each blossom and magically preserves them, as they say, for eternity – or at least until next Mother’s Day. Not only will mom get to enjoy her gift everyday for the next year, she will again be proud of you for being thrifty for making a lasting purchase that brings so much beauty and pleasure.

The flowers from Venus et Fleur have an unchanging elegance that with minimum care will be present for so many more holidays than the one for which it was purchased. Showcase them as a dining room centerpiece, on a living room side or coffee table, or add a little glamor to a bedroom – or all of the above. Mom’s choice.

Get a gift for the kitchen

Does mom like things just so? Does she have a certain persnicketiness that permeates everything from the way she dresses to the food she cooks? She still tries to tame your ever present and unrelenting cowlick while picking that piece of lint from your sweater? Or turns the dinner plates to a certain orientation to align the design and give continuity to her tablescape. She goes to several grocery stores because there isn’t one that carries all the brands of the items that she has chosen as part of her well-stocked pantry.

Guessing that she also would like her bagel or slice of artisan boule toasted to just the right golden brown which causes the unfortunate need to watch the toaster like a hawk until that goldilocks result is reached. The Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster takes away the need to babysit the appliance as it crafts the perfect doneness across breads through an incredibly intuitive touch screen selector that is actually fun to use and visually shows the result that you are going to get.

This is a smart device. It has different settings for different sizes of bagel. Also, did you know that gluten-free breads toast at different rates than their gluten-full cousins? Well, this appliance does and makes that adjustment with a simple flip of a digital switch. If mom is into grilled sandwiches, there is even an optional Panini press accessory available. Give mom a gift that will embrace her inner perfectionist and do all the work of getting things just right.

In Conclusion

It’s time to celebrate mom. Let’s take this wonderful opportunity to let her know that all she has done for us has been noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated. Vintage and antique cocktail and specialty glasses from Weston Table will make her feel like the royalty she is, while serving as a great reason to have a cheers or two in her honor. While the Fleura porcelain vase from Venus et Fleur may not actually last an eternity, Mom’s gratitude and enjoyment will endure for far longer than their fresh counterparts.

Show mom you know how important it is for her to start the day off right with the perfectly prepared results of the Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster. Whichever you choose, mom gets a tangible representation of your caring that speaks to who she is and what she means to you. Something she will use and interact with for many days to come and be reminded of your generosity, thoughtfulness, and love. A very happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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