I Got Social With I and Love and You

A few weeks ago I was invited to a media event by the I and Love and You pet food company. The all natural pet food company based right here in my adopted state of Colorado. They were introducing a brand new food to their already amazing line. If you haven’t heard of I and Love and You then here’s a recap. I was sent an email asking if I would be willing to transition my kitty from her current food and give I and Love and You a try.

Now you all know that I love my pets just as much as I love my kids so before I jumped at the offer, I first took a look at the company, what they stood for and most of all the ingredients that were included and/or omitted from their food. What I saw really impressed me and I gave it a try. You can read all about Kitty’s experience with I and Love and You.  So when the invitation came for the media event I was more than happy to attend. I have to be honest, I get invites ALL the time and this is the only one I was excited to attend. I was told that “you’d be eating the same ingredients that are in your pets food”, and that just excited me more.

Steve Ball (CEO), Kelly Lund with Loki The Wolfdog 

Now here’s a brief history on I and Love and You as told by the CEO Steve Ball. According to Mr. Ball, I and Love and You started out just like most companies, you’re looking for the best and sometimes when you can’t find the best, you make it yourself. All their foods first ingredients are meat, no by-products and also all are grain free. There is no corn, no wheat, no rice, no soy, or fillers, there is absolutely no artificial nothing! Now their newest food the Naked Essentials Kibble is just as good as their Nude Food Kibble but with just a little less protein but still as great!

You’re probably wondering what was on the menu. We started out with appetizers Falafel Duck Confit (yoghurt tzatziki sauce) and House Cured Norwegian Salmon (dill crema, housemade beet chip). Salmon and Duck are ingredients that you can find in both of your choices of food for both your dog and cats. I have to say that duck is a taste that I haven’t yet acquired but Kitty just seems to love it.

I took a few photos of our 4-course meal:


watercress, flaxseed, parsley-garlic vinaigrette


‘tender belly’ bacon lentils, glazed carrots


peas, sweet potato mashers


garlic wilted spinach, roasted beets


fresh berries

Now all of these ingredients with the exception of our dessert can be found in your I and Love and You pet food. Now while you won’t find yogurt in your pet food, the I and Love and You pet food does contain Happy Tummeez™ Prebiotics + Probiotics to keep your dog or cat feeling just right.

It’s good to know that I can buy wholesome quality food for my pet without spending a whole lot of money. They are also almost all made right here in the USA. So where can you buy I and Love and You pet food? You can buy their food and treats at your local human food stores such as Whole Foods or online at  Target.com, Amazon.com, Chewy.com, and Petco.com.

Let’s discuss: What do you look for when buying food for your pets?

Here are the ways to connect with I and Love You: 

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