6 Human Foods You Can Share With Your Dog


Many dog owners will acknowledge that their furry pet is a member of their family. And as a family member, you will want to treat them to something special from time to time. Sometimes this means giving them different treats and snacks that are typically not part of their diets. Sometimes, you might just provide them with some food off of your plate without even thinking twice but just wanting to share. However, it is important to know what foods you can give your dog to prioritize their health, as they cannot eat just anything. Here are six human foods you can feel free to share with your dog.

Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

Carrots And Other Vegetables

Vegetables are a great snack to give your dog. Dogs seem to be drawn to the smell of carrots, but most vegetables are great because they provide your pet the vitamins and fiber needed for a balanced and healthy diet. This is great for being a low-calorie snack as well. Be sure to consider cutting your carrots from whole sticks to bite-sized portions to help prevent your dogs from choking on them. Other similar vegetables that dogs enjoy are cucumbers and celery. These foods can be given to your pet raw or cooked, while other vegetables like broccoli, spinach, or potatoes are also foods your dog can eat but should be cooked.


Apples are a great snack for dogs, similar to carrots and other vegetables. Like the previously specified food groups, apples and other fruits are a good source of vitamin a and vitamin c. Being low-fat snacks means you don’t have to worry about giving them healthy foods, especially when it isn’t a meal. Other fruits your dog would likely love are bananas, watermelons, berries, and oranges. When giving your dog an apple, pear, or similar fruit, be sure to remove the seed or avoid giving them the core as the seeds contain cyanide which is harmful to your pet.

Sweet Snacks

Not all the snacks you give your puppy pal need to be as nutritional and filled with vitamins. Like humans who crave sugary or sweet foods, you can offer your dog something sweet from time to time too. However, it is essential to know which foods are okay and which to stay away from. If you wonder, “can dogs eat marshmallows?” because you want to give them something sweet, the answer is no, and you are better off giving them yogurt. Yogurt is a tasty snack and is beneficial for your dog as it provides calcium for their diet. It is important that when you offer them yogurt, you are choosing plain, unflavored yogurt and non or low-fat options. In addition to yogurt, another great snack for dogs that they love is peanut butter. Peanut butter does contain fats, but the right kind is important for maintaining a healthy heart. You want to keep in mind if you are giving your dog, peanut butter is the ingredient xylitol, which can be detrimental and poisonous to your pet.

6 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

Pasta And Rice

If you are looking to provide your furry friend a meal instead of a simple snack, it is good to know that your dogs can eat certain carbs like pasta and rice. Before you give your dog a bowl of the stir fry, you just made, however, keep in mind to minimize the number of sauces you use in your rice or pasta dish. Leave out the cheesy and rich sauces as they can be loaded with fats that will lead to your dog’s weight gain. 

Shrimp And Fish

Fish and shrimp contain plenty of nutrients, making them a great food that both you and your dog can enjoy. Make sure to cook your shrimp and fish, of course. These foods are a good source of protein, vitamins, and different antioxidants. You must be mindful of the bones for fish, so be sure to pick them out if there are any before giving them to your dog. Similarly, for shrimps, you should remove the shell, head, and tail as well.


Eggs are a great snack to give your dogs. They are a great source of protein. You have to cook your eggs thoroughly before serving them to your pet. The ideal form for eggs is either hard-boiled or scrambled, ensuring all of the eggs are cooked and not left raw. This means no sunny-side-up style eggs.

In Conclusion

Your dogs will usually eat anything you offer them. It is up to you to know what foods they can and cannot eat. Additionally, even if they can eat something, it doesn’t mean they should. There are many foods out there that you can share that taste great and have some added health benefits. Knowing what foods are right for your dog, you don’t need to feel shy about sharing.

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