Key Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Horse


Buying a horse is a very joyous part of owning a horse. However, it should be thoroughly thought through so as not to make the mistake of grossly overpaying for a horse, or investing in one that doesn’t fit your standards and experience level. These are the key things you need to know before buying a horse, so you end up with the best choice for your specific needs.

Buying A Horse

Can You Afford It?

The first thing you should be able to answer before you intend to buy a horse is whether you can truly afford it. This includes the price of the horse, as well as all of the equipment you’re going to need. More often than not, future horse owners don’t realize the cost of the horse kit that’s necessary for its wellbeing. This can add up to a minimum of a thousand dollars if you buy most of it second-hand. 

Furthermore, the price of the horse itself also gets incredibly underestimated. If you’re looking for a horse within a price range of $4,000 you will be able to afford a pony for your child or a happy hacker. If you have more experience, you should know that a quality horse will average at $6,000. This price can exponentially grow the more experience you look for, such as the horse which is good for racing.

Where to Buy From

There are many different places where you can buy a horse. Some of the better places to start are classified adverts in magazines, online forums, your local track shop, or riding instructors. With technology being at its highest game nowadays, almost everyone can look for a horse from any place in the world, however, if you’re a novice to the whole ordeal, it’s best advised that you buy your horse locally.

One of the reasons why this is recommended is that you will need to see the horse beforehand, so it might be troublesome to travel long distances. Luckily for you, there is an array of resources that make buying and selling horses so much easier, but you should also have in mind that buying a horse at an auction can be a great deal. If you opt for this way to purchase a horse, it’s recommended that you take an experienced horse instructor with you.

Know to Take Care of It

If you don’t intend on hiring someone to take care of the horse for you, you should know how to do it yourself. Even if this is not the case, you should still be aware of some of the basics because horses need routine care for their health and overall well-being. A typical daily routine of care consists of feeding them hay and grains twice a day, usually in the morning and night.

The right kind of food is essential for their gut health, but as it’s advised by experienced horse instructors here, supplements should be added to their food regimen to ensure their well-being. Furthermore, their stalls should be cleaned and fresh bedding should be put in daily. Their hooves should also be checked every day, and they should be protected from flies with a fly spray or an insect repellant. They should be taken out of the stables twice a day to exercise and should be ridden a couple of times a week.

The Type of the Horse

You should buy a horse that will best match your experience level. This means that you shouldn’t try to invest in a racing horse if you’re a novice to the whole ordeal, partly because of your inexperience and because you will grossly overpay. Some of the critical things you should figure out besides experience are the horse type and size. The size of your horse should be comfortable enough for the size of your body.

Horse types are viewed in the same manner as dog breeds, all with their specific abilities. For example, Arabs are considered to be hot-headed and therefore not easy to handle, especially for a novice. Spanish horses have large movements which can be hard to sit for inexperienced riders. Make sure you do thorough research on horse types to figure out which one is the right choice for you.

Make sure you consider all of these key things before you buy a horse. These are essential, so you end up with the best match for your riding style, experience, and price range. It’s worth noting that taking care of a horse is as much an important task so ensure you’re providing it with the best care and food you can afford.

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