How to Treat Car Sickness

This summer we’ll be taking a road trip to Florida. This has been a trip that’s been in the making for the past two years. Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially when you have long distances to travel. You’ll hear the dreaded, “Are we there yet?” and will probably hear your named called more often than you’d like. All of this can be made even more challenging if you or your kids are susceptible to car sickness. To help make your car ride more pleasant, you can use these tips to treat car sickness this vacation.

Eat Light

If you’d like to keep car sickness at bay, be sure to eat light before and during your trip. This means that fast food will be a major no-no due to all of the grease in it. Vegetables, sandwiches, and other light snacks and foods will feel good in your stomach without upsetting it during long car rides.

Bring Crackers

If you or your kids are starting to feel a little queasy, be sure to snack on some crackers. Saltines are great for this since they’re very bland and light. Filling your stomach with this light snack will help calm it before your car sickness can get any worse.

Circulate Fresh Air

Stuffy air can make car sickness worse. To treat your car sickness, try circulating fresh air. This could mean rolling down your windows if the temperature is right, but you can also open your car vents and circulate air if it’s extremely hot or cold outside.

Leave the Games at Home

If your kids get car sick easily, you might want to consider leaving the games and toys at home. Focusing on things in the car can make car sickness worse since things seem to be zipping by in your peripheral vision. Instead of focusing on games or books in the car, try looking out the window at the horizon. Looking at a steady point will help lessen the car sickness you or your kids might feel.

Take Medicine

A great way to treat car sickness is to prevent it from happening with medicine. There are plenty of anti-nausea and motion sickness remedies out there. Be sure to check the label and ingredients to see if it’s the right medicine for you. If your kids get sick easily, ask their pediatrician what’s safe for them to take on your next road trip.

Motion sickness is definitely one of those things that can ruin a road trip for you and your family. What are some ways you treat car sickness?

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