How to Plan the Perfect Croatian Cruise


Croatia is a beautiful place for a relaxed vacation, whether traveling alone or with a family. Moreover, you get to take in a cruise across the Adriatic Sea, beginning from the Dalmatian Coast. Here are a few tips for enjoying a hassle-free vacation.

How to Plan the Perfect Croatian Cruise

Best Months in Croatia

It would be best to visit the place anytime between mid-April and mid-October. There is a lower number of tourists, all the facilities are open, and even pricing may not go too high. A direct flight from anywhere in Europe, to any of these international airports – Dubrovnik, Zadar, or Split – will take you to the coastal area. Otherwise, go to Zagreb/another airport in Europe, first, before taking another plane to Croatia.

Book in Advance

Book your flight tickets and accommodation much in advance. Ferry companies have schedules for Adriatic sailing which could go on throughout the week, or only on certain days of the week. Take note of the timings and dates carefully, before making your bookings. 

If you are embarking upon a family vacation, your cruise must be children-friendly, and not too oriented towards adult-fun. Similarly, each cruise has its own itinerary. Would you like to explore nature parks, merely engage in relaxing activities, or have adventures, and so on? 

Deal Aptly with Clothing, Currency, and Language

Casual clothing should do for your trip. In general, Croatia enjoys sunny and bright weather. Furthermore, the Adriatic Sea does not confront strong winds, and is generally calm. Therefore, you should be able to avoid seasickness. Regardless, you may carry some tablets with you, along with a sufficient supply of regular medications that each member of your family uses. Also, do not forget your sunglasses, sunscreen lotions/creams, and a wide-brimmed hat. Ensure that you remain well hydrated during your trips. Do not forget to carry your health insurance cards on your person. An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) proves highly useful.

Kuna is the currency of Croatia. It would be best to have some local cash in hand, along with your credit cards, for several small establishments do not accept credit cards. 

Fortunately, for you, the staff on every cruise ship speak excellent English. Regardless, learning a few of the local phrases should help you bond with the local populaces.

Select the Right Boat

Croatian cruises operate on various types of seagoing vessels. 

  • A catamaran accommodates anywhere between two and eight people. It is much more stable than a standard boat.
  • A sailboat accommodates the same number of people, as the catamaran does. The 30-50 feet long boat is ideal for couples and small families.
  • A wooden gullet displays a Turkish design. You have access to cabins. There are four crew members to look after your needs.
  • A motor yacht offers luxurious cabins with complete furnishings. Even the onboard services are of excellent quality.
  • A super ship cruise is an elite liner, which can accommodate around 3,000 people.

Your budget should stretch to cover weekly charges, as well as, some extra ones, and a refundable security deposit.

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