How to Have a Bedtime Routine Your Kids Will Love ~ #BeGoodGives

Bedtime used to be a constant struggle in my household. Whenever it was time for bed, Madison always had an excuse as to why she didn’t need to sleep. It was either because she hadn’t yet drank all her milk, or the infamous line of “I’m not ready, just 10 more minutes”. After giving in and with her not being able to wake up in the morning, I’d had enough and had to put my foot down. I had to come up with a routine, and I had to come up with one fast. We finally have a routine that works amazingly well since she started Kindergarten. Today in partnership with Be Good, I want to share how you too can have a bedtime routine that your own kids will love.

This post is done in collaboration with Be Good, however all opinions are mine alone! 

Before getting into your routine, it’s a good idea to have a transition period that your child can look forward to. You can start by turning the television off, and letting your child know that bedtime will be in 30 minutes. Whatever length of time you decide, remember to be consistent. Your routine will follow a sequence of events that your child will look forward to. Here’s our routine that has been working wonders for us.

A relaxing bath

Start with a warm relaxing bath. The warm water will elevate your child’s temperature slightly and make them more prone to falling asleep easily. Add a few bath toys in the water to make their bath even more fun. One thing to take note of is the bath product you use while giving a bath. I only use products that are safe for my child. I was recently introduced to Be Good products, which are free of harmful ingredients, and are suitable for children of all ages.

Be Good formulas are free of: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, gluten, synthetic dyes, DEA, palm oil, added hormone disrupters, petrolatums, dioxanes from sulfates, phosphates, BPA, animal by-products and no animal testing. It’s everything that I look for when I purchase a product for my little one. Madison just LOVES how it lathers up and we both love the smell. It leaves her skin feeling soft to the touch, even when she turns into a wrinkled prune.

Have comfy pajamas

There’s nothing better than sleeping in a comfy pair of pj’s. Make sure that they’re not too small or too tight. If your child is outgrowing their sleepwear, it might be time to buy some new ones.

Pick out books and read together

Have your child pick out a book that you can read together right before bed. I personally have a selection of short stories that Madison can choose from. That way you won’t be up all night reading a story. Longer stories are great for older kids who can pick up from where you left off if you need to cut the story short.

Say a prayer

While we’re not a very religious family, I grew up saying a prayer before bed. A prayer doesn’t have to be a long religious prayer, you can have your child say a few brief words of what they’re thankful for. If you would love to say a prayer, there are prayers for children that you can say, or you can even create your own.

Say goodnight with a kiss

Keep your goodnight brief, but give your little one a cuddle and a kiss before leaving. Madison looks forward to me giving her a hug and a kiss whenever I say goodnight, and it always leaves me feeling so much better. I’m sure it does the same for her too.

Don’t forget the bedtime friend and nightlight

Having a favorite doll or teddy bear close by sometimes give children that comfort they need throughout the night, very much like a nightlight for those who are afraid of the dark. Whether your child is afraid of the dark or not, having a nightlight available is always a good idea in the event that your child awakes at night.

Now that your little one is in bed, keeping them there is an entirely different story, and another post. However, we hope these tips can help you get your own bedtime routine going. And as with all good bedtime routines, don’t forget that bath time and give Be Good a try!

10% of the net proceeds from sales on the Be Good‘s website goes directly to St.Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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