How To Find The Top Real Estate Deals Online

If you’re an investor, you know that the best investment to make is in real estate. However, it should also be in your knowledge that finding the best deals in real estate is a little bit tricky. To be successful as a real estate investor, you must diversify your marketing efforts to help expand your overall reach and beat your competition. Here are some of the best ways to find the top real estate deals online:

how to find real estate deals

Social Media

Social media networking platforms are not only for socializing in your circle anymore. They are helping businesses run and reach out to a massive customer base. The best thing about social media is that almost all platforms are user-friendly, and allow you to advertise your business in cost-effective ways. Therefore, turn to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to reach out to your sellers. You can choose the site you personally use so that you don’t need to learn something new entirely, or you could use all platforms! Create a page for your business, fill out the company description, provide contact information, and a link to your website. Put up a few pictures of real estate involving the niche you are interested in, for example, residential or commercial. Post regularly, run advertisements, put up stories, join relevant groups to grow your following and hence your business by increased interaction with real estate investors. Embrace social media networking and see that magic happens.

Online Marketplaces

Many websites allow you to access great opportunities in real estate investment. Online marketplaces even have huge databases that provide detailed listings, with prices, comparisons, and neighborhood information. However, the best thing is the filters! Suppose you live in Singapore and you are looking at some of the updated properties in Singapore real estate listings, look for a local online marketplace and you’ll discover the provision of various filters. The filters will narrow down your categories and easily let you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you are interested in a condo or a warehouse, website listings make it easier to look for the top deals in your area.

The detailed descriptions like property type, area, location, facilities, and conditions will help you decide. The best thing about online marketplaces is that they do all the heavy lifting for you. They have located and analyzed it for you, all you have to do is pick and choose.


Crowdfunding platforms are a little different than online marketplaces. These allow you to interact with other real estate investors, and all of you can pool in your money to buy one property, whether residential or commercial. It is a great way to diversify your investment capital. However, there is one disadvantage that your ownership options will become quite limited. You won’t directly own real property, you will only receive a small share.

Create a Website

Just like how having a social media presence helps, having a professional website increases your chances of getting better deals. Ensure its content is optimized and updated. Provide a link to your website in every social media profile and advertisement you put out. When customers reach a professional website, they understand that this business is authentic and this creates trust.

Work with an SEO professional to ensure that you have a great ranking and that if potential customers are looking for products or services around your niche, they can find your business easily.


You can advertise through a print ad, billboards, or even vehicles (buses, or your car). However, the best way to advertise nowadays is through Google Ads and social media ads. Do you know those annoying ads that you skip all the time? That’s where you need to get your ad. All of these will help reach out to potential leads. If someone is interested, they will not skip! This can also help you reach people in areas that may be far away and difficult to reach through the traditional ways.

Blogs and Magazines

You can consider niche-specific online magazines and blogs, and advertise there. Although the competition will be high, most of your potential leads will also be here. You can even start a blog yourself and provide a link to all your business profiles there.

how to find real estate deals

The best way to get a great deal is to utilize more than one way to find that deal. When you put in an effort in various ways, one of them is bound to work. Real estate is (and will always remain) the best investment because its value appreciates over time. However, staying with the traditional means of generating leads is not going to cut it, so consider the tips above to find the best real investment deal!

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