Honeymoon Safari: Destinations You Won’t Regret

The honeymoon is one of the most memorable parts of marriage. As a result, a well-chosen honeymoon destination is key to having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Aside from the usual lying on the beach and sipping tropical drinks, a honeymoon safari is a more romantic way to spend this vacation. What other way will romance be better if not combined with the excitement of nature? Wake to the sound of nature and breathtaking scenery, and enjoy the thrilling sight of gallant lions that make up a romantic honeymoon.

The most fabulous start to a honeymoon should involve dense woodland, stunning nature, and luxury. Nature is an ideal getaway for newlywed couples looking for thrills on their romantic getaway. These romance-filled adventures are what a safari honeymoon offers newlyweds. 

So, are you planning an adventurous honeymoon? If your answer is yes, keep reading to discover the best destinations for honeymoon safaris.

Honeymoon Safari Tanzania and Zanzibar

Tanzania is an unforgettable destination if you want to feel like the last couple in the world. With some of the most remote places in Africa, Tanzania is the place to fulfill your wildest fantasies. But, first, let’s talk about the unique wildlife, incredible landscape, and natural attractions; this African land is home to them all. 

Tanzania combines adventure with romance in an engaging way. Enjoy the best Tanzania safari with a variety of small, cozy, and unique lodges, several of which provide the luxury of private game drives. 

Lastly, Zanzibar offers beautiful white sand beaches where you can snorkel in clear waters. You can also explore the cobble, and enjoy candlelit dinners and sunset cruises. 

There is no bad time to visit the Tanzania luxury safari, since wildlife viewing is always round the clock. But, for the best honeymoon safari in Tanzania, it is ideal for visiting during the dry season.

In all, Tanzania is no doubt one of the best honeymoon safari destinations. When you add the beaches to the incredible wildlife, the Zanzibar and Tanzania honeymoon is one that you won’t regret.

The question now is, where can I go in Tanzania? If this question is also on your mind, here is a list of places to visit.

  • Ngorongoro Carter.
  • The Serengeti. 
  • Lake Manyara. 
  • Zuri Zanzibar. 
  • Ruaha National Park.
  • Selous Game Reserve.

Activities you can undertake on this adventure include:

  • Game driving.
  • Bush Dinner with a romantic ambiance.
  • Behold the African big five.
  • Spot the great migration.
  • Sift the stone towns and hike Kilimanjaro.
  • Spot the elephant population that fills the Tarangire national park.
  • Take a guided bush walk.
  • Ride hot air balloons .

Destination Botswana

Botswana is another beautiful destination for young couples to go on a honeymoon safari. Botswana offers a perfect blend of romance and adventure, from classic game drives to river cruises in a mokoro.

If your perfect idea of a honeymoon safari is a beautiful landscape and luxurious lodges, then it’s Botswana. You’ll never forget the feeling of gliding through its endless maze of waterways, and spotting the hippos and giraffes. 

The Okavango Delta is arguably one of the country’s most romantic destinations. The highest concentration of elephants in Africa is in Chobe National Park, also an excellent place to see lions and leopards. One of the most extensive and most remote game reserves on the continent, Kalahari Game Reserve, is home to even more incredible animals.

The actual romance unfolds when you take off for Seychelles.  With its beaches covered in stones and powder-soft sands, Seychelles has luxury all over them. Indeed, you can’t go wrong, whether you select the opulent Fregate Island Private or the super duper North Island.

Activities You can undertake are:

  • Relax and enjoy your mokoro ride.
  • Watch the stars at night in the Kalahari Desert.
  • Guided bush walks.
  • Watch and discover beautiful birds.
  • Sunset cruises.
  • Dinner with romantic scenery.
  • Camping at Gunn’s camp.
  • Snorkel in the crystal-clear rivers.

Kenya Honeymoon Safari

With the ideal blend of wildlife, adventure, and beaches, Kenya is one of Africa’s most romantic safari honeymoon destinations. Start your adventure with a thrilling wildlife safari, exploring the vast plains with your guide. Then, at dusk, unwind at your lodge while you watch animals take a drink from the nearby lake, a few meters from your patio.

Discover the renowned Masai Mara, a safari destination unmatched for its big cats. The area stretching across the Tanzania border also hosts the great migration.

Next is the breathtaking Saruni Samburu, which offers sweeping views of the grasslands and Mount Kenya. With the help of Samburu Warriors, you can search for the uncommon Samburu five and view other incredible wildlife.

After a thrilling safari, you can relax at the beautiful Diani beach. The serene beachfront provides a splendid view of a tropical garden that compliments the Indian Ocean. 

Honeymoon safari in Kenya is year-round, but the best experiences, like the great migration, are typical of July.

Activities you can carry out at this destination are:

  • Try a walking safari.
  • Experience hot air balloon rides.
  • Tick Masai Mara off your bucket list.
  • Go hiking on Mount Kenya.
  • Track Rhinos.
  • Experience the bright and beautiful stars.
  • Experience a horseback ride on the safari

South Africa Safari Honeymoon

Only a few nations can compare to South Africa if you want a diversified honeymoon experience. A honeymoon location with a rugged landscape, dynamic cities, and boundless natural beauty. 

You can begin your trip in Kruger, SA’s most iconic national park. In Kruger, you have a better opportunity to see the big five, cheetahs, and hyenas. Then, after your exhilarating excursion in the jungle, you can relax at one of its perfect beaches. 

Furthermore, the canopy resort at the safari lodge delivers a soothing romantic feeling. Although you can only access the lodge by elevated walkways, its unique terrace faces the dam where hippos bathe.

The safari spots in South Africa give you their best during the dry season (usually from June to October). But keep in mind that it may coincide with the rainy season in Capetown.

Activities you can carry out in South African safari are:

  • Drive through the breathtaking coastal road.
  • Bungee jump with the love of your life.
  • Take a tour of the elephant sanctuary.
  • Snorkel with seahorses.
  • Hike the mountains.
  • Explore the caves.
  • Game drive through Kruger Park.
  • Watch the whales in Hermanus.

In Conclusion

Honeymoons are a once in a lifetime experience that you will continue to talk about for years to come. Such a memorable experience comes from a well-chosen destination.

In this blog post, we have pointed out destinations that can give you an unforgettable honeymoon safari experience. You have a lot to choose from now, from the luxury safari Tanzania honeymoon to the Kruger of South Africa. We hope this information helps you make the most of your honeymoon holidays.

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