Holiday Party Themes to Try This Year

Ready to spice up the annual holiday party this year or have something extra special to celebrate with your friends, family, or coworkers? 

There really is no better way to kick off the holiday season than by hosting a festive gathering with the people you love and spend your day with. Holiday parties are also a great time to catch up with those that you are not able to see throughout the year and will create some memorable experiences for everyone.

Holiday Party Themes

Why Have a Themed Holiday Party?

Traditional holiday parties can be boring, too formal, and uneventful. In the movies, you often see those holiday parties where everyone is dressed up, drinking their wine or champagne as everyone mingles and dances to the slow holiday music. While mingling and enjoying yourself isn’t bad, sometimes it is fun to crank it up a notch and get the party started with a fun and festive party theme.

Holiday parties don’t have to be boring, there are some fun and creative holiday party themes that will have everyone joining in on the excitement of the holiday season. To help you kick off the brainstorming ideas, here are some of the best holiday party themes to try this year:

Christmas Luau Party

This year, host a fun Hawaiian-style Christmas party for your friends and family. If you are looking for a simple but fun holiday party theme, a Christmas Luau is sure to be a hit. Plus, if you live in colder weather during the holidays, this would be a great way to bring in something warm and magical.

All you need for a Christmas Luau party are some festive Hawaiian-themed decorations, food, drinks, and party activities that will get the crowd going. Be sure to have everyone come in their favorite Hawaiian outfits so that they can get into the holiday spirit.

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

You wouldn’t normally consider this a themed party, but why not give it a shot. There are still plenty of people who put together and decorate gingerbread houses for the holidays so why not make it a party theme this year.

Stock up on the Christmas candies, gingerbread cookies, or graham crackers, and icing for this one! Guests can either put together and decorate their own mini gingerbread houses or you can go big and split everyone up into teams and make it a competition. Either way, everyone will have fun decorating their houses with festive candy and holiday icing.

Winter Wonderland Party Theme

A popular Christmas party theme, the winter wonderland idea is an oldy but a goody. Imagine your event decorated with the colors of blue, silver, and white as everyone enjoys some of the best winter wonderland desserts, finger foods, or drinks.

During the party, you can set up some fun winter-themed games and activities that everyone can participate in. For instance, maybe the crowd would like to have a good ole’ snowball fight to celebrate the holidays. If you live in a warmer area where you don’t get snow, rent a snow machine that blows “fake snow” instead.

A winter wonderland party theme will make a great office party theme, children’s party theme, or can be done to celebrate the end of the year. 

Christmas Movie Party

This one can go different ways, depending on how you and your guests want it to go. A unique way to host this party would be for you to create a scene from your favorite holiday movie. 

Another idea would be to have guests can come dressed up as their favorite Christmas movie character and you can serve treats and drinks from the movies. As everyone is enjoying themselves, you can even have a movie marathon playing in the background of some of the best Christmas movies. This is another party theme that the kids will love!

Christmas Character Party Theme

For a character party theme, this could be as easy as picking your favorite holiday characters and creating a party around them. For instance, if you go with Frosty the Snowman, decorate your party with fun snowman décor and serve snowman-themed treats and drinks.

Christmas Pajama Party

Who doesn’t love a good pajama party? Just because we are adults now, doesn’t mean that we get to miss out on all the fun of having a pajama party with our friends during the holidays.

Since holiday parties can be formal, taking a break from all the traditional party events and spicing it up with a Christmas pajama party can bring everyone together in a fun way.

Friends and family will enjoy the comfy clothes, and everyone will look festive in their favorite Christmas-themed pajamas. If you are entertaining a large crowd, you can have a best PJ set competition or something along the lines of the wackiest pajama set competition.

No matter what holiday party theme you go with, guests are sure to enjoy the festivities. If you are still looking for some ideas, think of your favorite things about Christmas, and turn it into something you can party to!

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