9 Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight


Looking for a way to stay healthy and lose weight on the go? Try these delicious, nutritious travel snacks that you can pack in your suitcase.

Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight

When you’re crossing off an item on your bucket list to go to secret places in the world to visit, you’re going to end up in very isolated areas. Conveniences you’re used to won’t be as accessible, especially if you want to see gorgeous natural sights.

One of the things you’re not going to access would be convenient places to get food. If you don’t prepare food beforehand, you’re going to go hungry before you’re able to get to your destination. On that note, preparing travel snacks is crucial.

However, if you’re a frequent traveler, you might want to invest in healthier travel snacks so that the constant snacking won’t make you gain weight. On that note, here are nine healthy travel snacks that can help you lose weight:

Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight


There’s a reason why nuts are a common component in trail mix for people on the go. That’s because they’re a great source of protein and healthy fats.

One particular type of nut that you should have with you to snack on would be almonds. They’re a delicious snack and are quite portable too.

With one serving of almonds (around 23 almonds), you’re going to get a healthy filling of protein, healthy fats, as well as fiber.

When eating almonds, make sure that you chew them slowly so that you’ll feel full for a longer time. That way, you won’t be craving more food than you should be eating.


Many fitness professionals who plan the weight loss food in their meal plans have to include a protein shake with them.

A protein shake can help make you full enough not to crave junk food while you’re traveling. Plus, protein shake also enables you to increase your metabolism, so you’re burning more calories.

Protein shake also helps you get the nutrients your body needs all in one convenient drink. When you’re hiking, you can sip your protein shake so you can have one nutrition-dense drink.


Another snack that can help you lose weight while you travel would be popcorn. Popcorn is an excellent source of fiber, but it’s also able to give you some protein.

It also helps that popcorn is so light. It’s a portable snack, so it’s great for travel.

There is plenty of bagged popcorn that you can buy in the market to pack one with you quickly. Check your local market, and try to avoid the ones with artificial flavoring.

Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight


Another great type of nut that you should have for your travel snacks would be pistachios.

When you’re buying pistachios, you should get them with the shells. The shells let you take your time more when eating pistachios. That way, you don’t end up gobbling them down faster than you intended.

If you’re eating pistachios while hiking in the middle of the wilderness, make sure that you keep the shells with you. Even if it is from a nut, you still need to be responsible for the trash you generate and keep those shells with you.


One way to get you to eat more veggies that is effective for children and adults alike would be to get a dip’s assistance. If you’re packing slices of veggies with you to snack on, you can make it a more pleasant experience by packing some hummus to go along with it.

Since it has a dip, this isn’t the type of food you should eat while on the go. You can, however, eat while lounging around. It can be quite delicious and filling but still be healthy for you.


Instead of going for your usual potato chips, you should instead swap that for a healthier alternative such as some kale chips.

They still have the crunch that you crave when you’re looking for chips, but they’re much more nutritious. It will help you lose weight while traveling and are an excellent alternative for your usually high-calorie potato chips.

Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight


Everybody loves cookies. However, if you’re planning to lose weight, you have to make a few tweaks and adjustments.

For example, you can have oatmeal cookies when you are craving your usual cookies.

Oats will help you with your blood sugar levels, and they’re also great for losing weight. Even if they are oatmeal cookies, they can still be quite delicious.


Spinach is a versatile vegetable that you can modify to make it seem more like a snack.

One way to do that is by frying the spinach leaves until they’re crunchy. If you need some more crunchy snacks with you, you can use crispy spinach as an alternative.

Besides that, you can make that yourself and put them in a container and bring it with you.


Yogurt is another healthy snack that can still be quite delicious. It’s a great source of calcium. You can buy a big tub of it from the supermarket and repack it into smaller tubs if you want to, which is great if you’re traveling with family.

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert while you’re on the go, yogurt is an excellent choice.

Healthy Travel Snacks That can Help You Lose Weight


Traveling often makes us want to let loose and be free. However, even if you’re traveling, you should still stick to your personal goals.

If you’re currently on a path to lose weight, you should support that goal by bringing these nine healthy travel snacks with you.

Next time you travel and want to be healthy, pack these snacks to stick to your healthy diet with no regrets.

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