The Great Holiday Prep: Getting Your Home Ready

Getting your home ready for the holiday season is a huge undertaking. There are many things to do, from getting your exterior landscaped and buying new appliances to organizing holiday decorations. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the preparations you need to make! But don’t worry – this post is here to help make sure this year’s festivities go off without a hitch. 

Here is how you can prepare for the holidays at home in just 5 minutes per day over the next month or two!

Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

Schedule a Home Maintenance  

A home maintenance check is an excellent way to ensure your house stays in its best condition throughout the holiday season. Clean out gutters and downspouts, replace broken shingles or flashing, and repair leaks in roofs and eaves. 

Pressure wash exterior walls and windows, seal exposed concrete foundations with grout or waterproof paint, and clean air intake vents on furnaces before turning them on for the first time after winter shutdown.

If needed, install weather stripping around doors, window sashes, and other openings where outdoor air may be entering. It will help keep cold air from penetrating interior areas, keeping heating costs low and comfortable inside when outside temperatures are freezing point. Also, make sure to install weather stripping around exterior doors and replace door sweeps.

Ensure all appliances that will not be used over the winter months are unplugged and clean behind them for any dust build-up. Appliances running regularly like dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves require top-notch maintenance. So, it would help to find an electrical supply near me for plugs and connectors to keep them functional. 

Landscape Your Outdoors   

To protect your home from dirt and debris, it’s essential to landscape your outdoor spaces. Install a fence around the perimeter of your property line. This will help keep out intruders or stray animals that could damage their surroundings, including plants, trees, and other landscaping features like rocks, and more.

Install an attractive rock garden near doorways or entrances into the house, so guests aren’t walking on the mud when they come in for holiday festivities. It may also distract them from dirty shoes and boots while entering indoors!        

Add some mulch to flower beds – doing this is super easy as you pour bags of mulch onto the soil where you’d like to have it. The mulch will help protect the roots of your plants, trees, and shrubs from frost damage by insulating them during the winter months. 

If you have a yard, either keep it as is for the season or go all out with lights and decorations. If your outdoor space includes walkways or driveways used to access the home, be sure to clear them of snow before guests arrive, so they don’t slip on ice.

In conclusion, you should prepare for the upcoming holidays. There is so much to do, and a lot of it requires time-sensitive tasks that need to get done before you know it or risk having your holiday ruined. The critical thing is not being overwhelmed by everything on your list but instead taking things one step at a time while having fun along the way!

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