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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

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I like to think of this as my very own fashion week. I get to highlight a bit of my fashion style. Believe me I have a lot! Well at least I like to think that I do. I’m a shoe connoisseur so I like to think I know a bit or two about shoes. I have very expensive designer shoes and I also have cheaper ones. I’m a girly girl at times and I really do believe that girly girls can never have too many shoes. Mommies can never have too many pocketbooks either. I usually buy shoes because of the way they look and they do have to look nice in order to make it into my shoe closet. When mommy and I first came into contact with Dabuyu (pronounced W) we knew that they had to make their way to my shoe closet as well.

Before I go into my review of my favorite shoe to date let me tell introduce you to the woman behind Dabuyu, Karen and how Dabuyu came about.

Who? We started Dabuyu as a new kind of baby shoe company. As parents and avid shoppers of baby products, we felt there was an opportunity for a more personalized, fun and unique shoe for kids. Or maybe it was just because my oldest daughter wanted to wear a different shoe to school every day so I thought there has to be a better way than buying more shoes! We’ve spent a lot of time designing and handcrafting our shoes and patches with a focus on the tiniest details. None of our products are finished until our children love them and we hope that your children will love them too.

Why? We want to build a business that gives back to our community and helps improve the lives of women and children everywhere. A portion of all profits goes to our Dabuyu Charity that supports child health research and health projects. We are currently supporting the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University with breakthrough research to solve rare children health disorders. Our goal is to grow Dabuyu’s business and succeed so that we can in turn help others.

Dabuyu? Well, “W” is my daughter’s favorite letter of the alphabet and when she says the letter “W” it just brings a smile to our faces. We hope our shoes might do the same for you!

Dabuyu sent me a pair of their Winter Wonderland shoes pictured above. Those that have been reading my blog for quite some time knows that I’m an owl lover. I have owls everywhere in my room. My room is just littered with owls. Whenever I see an owl product I just have to have it. Now there was a mix up with my shoe before it arrived to me and the customer service was amazing. It’s not often that I have customer service that go above and beyond to please their customer. For customer service alone Dabuyu gets an A+.

When I finally received my box I was amazed at the packaging. The cute little box with the little owl is definitely a keeper. When I opened it I was even more amazed. I have really only gotten shoe bags with my shoes with the really high end designers. Dabuyu really surprised me. I love shoe bags, they are really great to protect your shoes and make packing a lot easier as well.

Now the fun thing about Dabuyu is the customization. Your one shoe can become lots of different shoes. The patches are just too adorable and each cost about $6. They work out to be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new pair of shoes. There are owl patches for boys and girls and there are even ABC animal patches as well. Dabuyu sent me two extra patches for my shoes and I couldn’t wait to customize.

Now one thing that you need to check for when choosing a shoe for toddlers is flexibility and I can assure you that Dabuyu’s are very flexible. They aren’t stiff so walking in them will be no issue. The soles are textured with the cutest of owls. You can see how much love was poured into these shoe designs. 

Dabuyu comes in both toddlers and kids sizes are available for both boys and girls. Toddler sizes are from size 5-9 while the little kids are from sizes 10-2. They do about half a size smaller. I was a little worried since I was told that they ran a little small. I still got my regular size and it fits like a charm. There is a sizing chart to lead you in the right direction. 

The insole is breathable and it comes with a rubber toe tip to protect our little toes. I do like to bump into things at times so having that rubber at the front was a plus for me. It will also make my shoe last a little longer as well. You know how us toddlers walk, we tend to walk a lot on our toes so nice shoes gets destroyed pretty quickly. This was made to last for a very long time. 

I am really in love with my new Dabuyu shoes and I have to say that this is certainly one of the cutest shoes that I own. Not just because I’m in love with the owl design although that does play a part in it. The design is unique which I love. I also loves a company that gives back which Dabuyu is doing. Dabuyu definitely gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up! 

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