Game Day Food: 3-Ingredient Pork Loin

Football season is here, and that means I’ve got one happy husband! I’m not going to lie. If I could never watch another sports game in my life I’d be just fine. That said, I do love making yummy game day food for my guys, and they’re more than happy to gobble it up! I’ve always loved making appetizers and finger food because they’re fun, easy to make and you can come up with some pretty unique things. That being said, having a collection of go-to recipes in your repertoire is a must, and this one has been a family favorite for years!

My man-approved 3-ingredient BBQ pork loin is ridiculously easy and perfect for your game day party. The best part is you only need THREE ingredients, which makes this already a win in my book! You can easily adapt it to suit your tastes by using different flavors of barbecue sauce and/or beer. For that matter, you can leave the beer out altogether and use soda, broth or even a little water. If you do use beer, you’ll want to choose one that is light in flavor and not too hoppy or bitter. I like lagers or ales for this.

By the way GO BRONCOS!

3-Ingredient Pork Loin


2.5-pound pork loin

1 12-15 ounce bottle of BBQ sauce

1 12-ounce bottle of beer


Turn the crock pot on high and spray the inside with nonstick cooking spray or use a disposable liner.

Trim all the visible fat and skin off of the pork and set aside.

In a large bowl whisk the entire bottle of both the barbecue sauce and the beer until thoroughly combined.

Pour half of the sauce into the bottom of the crockpot and add the pork loin. If you need to cut it into two or three large pieces to make it fit, that’s totally fine.

Pour the remaining sauce on top of the pork and cover. I like to cover my crockpot with aluminum foil and then the lid to make sure it’s completely airtight.

Cook for 6 to 8 hours or until the pork easily comes apart with a fork. I like to check mine after four hours and turn it over, but this is not necessary.

When the pork is done, preheat your oven to broil and remove the meat from the crockpot.

Break the meat up into big chunks and spread it onto a baking pan. Drizzle some of the sauce from the bottom of the crockpot all over the meat and broil it for 2-3 minutes, rotating the pan frequently.

** This step is not necessary, but it creates delicious bits of crispy meat that add both flavor and texture.

To serve, pour the sauce from the crockpot into a dish and serve it alongside the pork. You can also mix the sauce and the pork together, but I like to keep it separate so I can do something different with the pork if I have leftovers.

You can serve this alongside macaroni and cheese, potatoes or make BBQ sandwiches. Enjoy!

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