Frozen Raspberry Mousse – Valentines Day Treat #recipe

I love sweets and my refrigerator always has a tub of ice-cream in it. I also like healthy sweets and you’ll find me especially in the summer making myself healthy delicious smoothies. The kids are no different and besides ice-cream are addicted to yogurt. If you’re looking for a sweet and unique frozen dessert or treat our Frozen Raspberry Mousse is a must try! It’s also a fun idea for a special Valentine’s Day dessert. It’s very easy to make and is a healthy alternative to ice cream or desserts with lots of added sugar.

Here is what you’ll need:

Ingredients and supplies:

2 cups fresh raspberries

2 tbsp sugar

1 large egg white

whipped topping – optional



Rinse and pat dry the raspberries. Place in freezer overnight.

Place frozen raspberries and sugar in your blender. Blend on high until the raspberries are crushed. Scrape the sides down as needed and continue blending.

When the raspberries are completely crushed add the egg white. Blend on high, again scraping down the sides as needed, until the mixture has become smooth. The mixture will become creamy and light.

Pour the frozen mousse into a glass and top with whipped topping and a frozen raspberry.

You can also place the mousse into a piping bag with a decorative tip and pipe into a pretty bowl or glass.

Serve and enjoy!

This is a lot like a sorbet and can be made using prepackaged frozen berries and fruits. Keep a bag of frozen berries on hand all the time for making this quick dessert when you find yourself with unexpected guests. You can serve them something delicious, homemade, and beautiful in a matter of minutes!

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