Fabulous Plants for Your Fabulous Garden

The secret of having a fabulous garden is to mix colorful blooming plants with foliage that gives a variety of textures and forms together. If you are not afraid to play with colors and forms, you will have a unique garden – just check out these fabulous plants you could grow.


They are so easy to maintain you could almost forget you have them – but you won’t because they look beautiful and very unusual, especially when put in cheerful containers. Maybe they don’t bloom, but they sure look unique – look at these geometric shapes.

Japanese Forest Grass

This grass is a perfect decoration, and it loves shady spots. Just look at its cascading leaves and you will instantly fall in love with it. The best location for this plant is the front of your garden border.

Black Mondo Grass

It will give your garden a touch of drama if you combine it with white stones or green leaves to create a strong contrast. It is best grown in containers and used as an accent plant. It likes direct sun or partial shade. It blossoms in summer, but its lilac flowers will be overshadowed by its beautiful black leaves.

Seaside Serenade Hydrangeas (Monrovia)

This is an astounding type of hydrangeas, with huge mop head blooms, perfect for small spaces as they are really dense. Try to find a spot that is half-sun, half-shade and you’ll enjoy the blossoms.

Fuchsia Plant

This exotic plant may be a bit complicated to maintain sometimes, but its beauty is worth the trouble. It may get moody when it comes to watering and heat during summer months, but if you are disciplined, it will be a wonderful addition to the garden. This plant looks great both in hanging baskets and in containers.

Coral Bells (Heuchera)

This plant has marvelous foliage and various colors for you to choose from, depending on what you like. Most of the types prefer partial or full shade, but the latest types can even tolerate sun as long as you water them regularly. Besides the leaves, the tiny flowers are an additional decoration on the plant.

Gilded Sun (Star Roses)

Many garden owners are fans of Stars Roses as they are low-maintenance. Their strong yellow flowers are even more prominent when blossoming among dark green leaves. Even if you are not in the garden that often, they won’t hold it against you.

Asparagus Fern

This cute plant even has white blossoms and red berries. Together with bright green foliage, it is one of the most grown plants in gardens. Asparagus enjoys morning sun and the afternoon shade. It also needs a lot of water, something easily managed with hoses, and a significant dose of a fertilizer once a month.


Another plant with amazing foliage. The leaves come in a variety of shapes and colors, leaving the impression we have just taken it out of the ocean. Be careful, as this is a gentle plant: grow it in partial shade, and in winter, find a high-quality potting soil and plant cuttings to make it an indoor plant.


They mostly come in green shades, but it is possible to find some variegated types. They are liked for their big, lush leaves and the ridges on them. During summer, the flower blossom high over the greenery, but even without the flowers, this plant looks amazing.

Herbs – La Crema

Salvia officinalis, or “La Crema” is one of the variegated herbs that make its contribution to the beauty of your garden, and is edible as well. Sometimes in later spring, you can notice shy blue flowers. It prefers rocky soil and doesn’t mind the drought.

Salvia Blue Marvel (Darwin Perennials)

This is a perfect plant to draw bees and butterflies into your garden. It can serve well as a bed plant with its sweet blue flowers and dense foliage. Its attraction is the wildflower look it adds to the garden.

English Ivy

This classic plant is very easy to grow – they don’t need a lot of care except watering. Putting it in clay pots will allow you to decorate the garden, as well as any other spot you want. The only thing that you should do is fertilize it once a month to prevent any diseases appearing.

So, the beauty of a garden isn’t just in blooms – it is also in the textures and shapes of the leaves, so when you learn to appreciate all of that, you won’t be able to decide which plant is your favorite one.

Author Bio: Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her loved ones.

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