Why You Should Never Choose Eyeglasses as a Gift

Finding the ideal present for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas can be a challenging endeavor. In most cases, we want to find something unique and significant to give to the recipient, something that demonstrates our affection – and conveys that we have listened to the subtle hints they have been dropping over the past few months. 

However, the unfortunate reality is that in the age of Amazon and two-hour delivery, people are becoming more difficult to buy for, making the task of finding the perfect present increasingly complex.

With this in mind, many individuals are turning to practical presents in the hopes of finding something useful for a friend, family member, or coworker. Given the fact that over 4 billion people across the globe are reported to wear glasses, gifting a new pair of designer frames may seem like a fantastic idea; however, in reality, you should probably avoid doing so. Here’s why.

Eyeglasses as a Gift

Glasses are extremely personal and style dependent 

The main issue with choosing eyeglasses as a gift is that everyone has their own unique taste, preferences, and style. It’s also important to remember that these accessories are often worn every day, usually for many hours at a time,  in both personal and professional settings

Unlike a T-shirt or a new pair of jeans, glasses are meant to be worn pretty much all the time, so if you end up making a poor choice, it could be a complete waste of a gift. 

On top of this, eyeglasses are an integral part of a person’s appearance. Thus, even if you think you understand someone well enough to know what looks good on them and what kind of taste they have, the chances are you’ll probably get it wrong. After all, people often try on dozens of pairs before deciding on their favorite, so don’t think that you’ll be able to make the perfect selection for someone else at your first attempt.

You have to consider the shape of their face

When you consider that there are thousands of different types of frames available, all with distinct shapes and designs, choosing the ideal pair of glasses becomes much more challenging. 

There are small and large frames, round and rimless frames, frames with angular edges and boxy designs, and frames with smooth corners and narrow shapes – just to name a few of the main contenders that you will have to sift through when picking out a gift. Talk about a headache!

Furthermore, only a few select styles will suit each individual, in most cases. Which frames “work” and which don’t typically boils down to the shape of their face and how different frames will either complement their features or accentuate the features they’d prefer to hide. 

In general, there are four basic facial shapes that you need to be aware of, each with its unique set of qualities. With this in mind, if you really must pick out a pair of eyeglasses as a present, then use this resource to help you discover the ideal frames to complement the recipient’s traits. Having said that, it’s still probably better to opt for a gift card rather than picking out a pair for them yourself. 

It’s not easy to pick out the right color

When choosing eyeglasses, the shape of the frame isn’t the only subjective factor you need to consider. Color is also pivotal in determining whether or not it will suit the recipient. 

Eyeglass frames come in any number of hues, ranging from traditional black and gray to tortoiseshell, brown, gold, green, and blue. As you might expect, most individuals have a preference for specific colors, which is why purchasing a pair for someone else might not be the smartest thing you could do. 

For a pair of glasses to look the part, the colors must complement a person’s skin tone; warm tones go well with brown and gold, while colder tones go well with black or gray. Although, there are plenty more variables to consider if you really want to know how to choose eyeglasses that will suit somebody else.

You can’t forget about comfort 

If you wear glasses, you’ll know that some frames feel a lot more comfortable than others. Some of the best-made frames feel like they’re barely there, and you don’t even notice them balancing on your ears or nose. 

On the other hand, some frames just don’t fit well with your face shape and can feel highly uncomfortable, even if they are high-end designer frames. 

Case in point, if you try to pick a pair of glasses for someone without giving them the chance to try them on, you might accidentally choose a set of uncomfortable frames, which isn’t exactly the greatest gift you could give to someone. Once again, a gift card is a great way to get around this. 

How to choose eyeglasses as a gift

While a pair of eyeglasses might look fine in photos when browsing online, they may not work as well when you see them on your friend or family member’s face. Furthermore, you may choose something that you believe is stylish but that your friend may not agree with. Fashion, after all, is highly subjective.

However, gifting eyeglasses to someone can still be an excellent way to show how much you care – you just need to do it the right way. One great way to do this is by giving someone a gift certificate, since they’ll be able to visit a store or site and browse through the many options to find a pair of glasses they would prefer.

Another way to do it would be to purchase a pair of glasses online but ensure they will be able to send them back for a refund or exchange them in case they are unhappy with the style or fit. Lastly, if all else fails, why not visit the store in person together? That way, you can have a great time while trying on all of the different styles before finding a pair they are 100% happy with.

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