Exploring the Best of Washington, DC, from Tourist Hotspot to Livable City

The present-day world is without any doubt influenced by American traditions and pop culture. But even the most enthusiastic bloggers, analysts, and influencers are not yet sure what exact flavor makes that special United States culture ‘American’.

Washington, DC

The present-day world is without any doubt influenced by American traditions and pop culture. But, even the most enthusiastic bloggers, analysts, and influencers are not yet sure what exact flavor makes that special United States culture ‘American’.

And cracking this issue is nowhere near easy. Spreading across the entire north-American landmass and holding the title of one of the most diverse countries in the world, the United States represents a giant puzzle with countless pieces to put together. Do you want to tackle the Big Apple, get to know the West Coast through cities like Los Angeles, get the indie vibe of Seattle, or get the European vibe of New Orleans?

Making such a decision is very tricky. But we say that if you want to truly understand what makes the USA the USA, the best place to start is with its capital, Washington, DC. Let’s see what makes this city so unique and why it should be your entry point to stateside life.

Exploring the Best of Washington, DC

The history of Washington, DC

Yes, even though it is not celebrated in the history of Americana as much as some other major American cities, Washington, DC, is a jewel painted with deep-lore American history, the residence of political power in the USA, and one of the most history-rich cities on the continent. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Nick Cage’s National Treasure, and Forrest Gump are only some of the works of fiction that tap into the rich history and lore of this place. Aside from that, Washington, DC, features dozens of monuments and museums, which make this city a must for all people who want to understand what makes the USA great.

Reasonable costs of living

Granted, when we say “reasonable,” we need to take into account the median costs of living in other United States cities and larger towns. With that off the table, we need to remember that with an average rent of approximately $2,300 as well as affordable amenities and fixed expenses, Washington, DC, still ranks well below other major East Coast cities like New York City and Boston. This makes Washington far more approachable than most of the other USA heavyweights while at the same time sacrificing very few of the perks you get with other stateside options. In comparison, food and drink prices are very approachable as well.

Public transport and getting around the city

Believe it or not, being the capital of the United States, Washington, DC, is home to a population of only 650,000 residents. Covering a surface area of about 61.1 square miles and asking you to travel about 28.3 minutes to work, DC is one of the coziest major cities to live in the USA. This limited square surface and population spill over to other aspects of life as well. If you need to move, professional packing services near you are always available. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist or a lawyer is also nearly instant. Even though they seem minute at first, these small things make life truly enjoyable.

The unique culture of Washington, DC

Every city in the United States has its own unique vibe and contribution to Americana. Even though it’s not among the most populated cities in the country, Washington, DC, makes an important contribution to this kaleidoscope of culture. Amongst all things, DC has a very vibrant punk rock scene and hosts bands like True Fax, Insaniacs, Fugazi, and Bad Brains. Washington is also home to one of the USA’s most pristine soccer teams, D.C. United. So, the capital of the United States actually has quite an alternative vibe to it. If you want to get the honest-to-goodness American gist but with a somewhat offbeat twist, the District of Columbia is the place to get you up-to-speed.

Surprisingly vibrant cuisine

The United States is one of the countries widely considered to be among the most potent social and cultural melting pots on the entire globe. Families coming from all corners of the world come here, bringing their unique traditions, beliefs, culture, and, let’s not forget, national cuisines. With its incredibly diverse ethnic structure consisting of European and African emigrants, Latino and Asian populations, and more than 4,000 people belonging to Native American tribes, Washington, DC, represents a paradise for people who want to explore different world cuisines in one place. Of course, here you can also find local staples like a half-smoked hot dog and jumbo slices of pizza..

An excellent level of safety

Last but not least, we would like to quickly mention yet another unique perk of sharing the same space with the president of the USA. Of course, we are talking about an excellent level of safety. The place where you can find such important buildings as the White House and the United States Capitol will be well protected. Well, this concern with safety spills over to the other districts as well, and according to some estimates, Washington, DC, is considered to be the seventh safest large city in the world and, at the same time, the best-ranked city in the USA. The only large city in North America that is safer is Toronto, Canada.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this short cultural and tourist exploration of Washington, DC, and found a couple of compelling reasons to pay this great city a visit. No matter whether you are moving for a longer period of time or simply want to pay a short tourist visit, Washington represents the best America has to offer neatly wrapped into a very small and manageable package. If you want to get a real taste of the USA, why not start with its capital?

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