Easy Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Property

Mosquitoes are a nuisance that can be difficult to get rid of. They carry diseases and make people miserable, but there is hope if you know what you’re doing! This blog post will give you some easy ways to keep mosquitoes out of your property so you don’t have to spend all summer swatting at them or sitting in an air-conditioned house.

Easy Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Property

Empty Any Standing Water In Your Yard

There are many places mosquitoes can lay their eggs, and they all require standing water. This is where mosquitos will hatch from. If you have any areas in your yard that have a pool of stagnant water, clean it out! It’s best to do this every week during the summer because there’s no telling when one mosquito might land on some dirt or leaves and lay her eggs right before she dies. The larvae only need three days for development so if you miss just one day you may want to look for the best mosquito yard treatment. Mosquitoes can breed in tiny areas so even if there’s just a little puddle collecting somewhere, it could be the start of something terrible. That’s why you should go around your yard and fix any leaky hoses right away to prevent them from laying eggs on top of the water that will never dry up.

Use A Fan

Mosquitoes are weak fliers, so the easiest way to keep them from finding you is by creating a wind barrier. Mosquitoes can only fly in still air that’s less than two meters per second (about four miles per hour). If there’s no breeze around, they’ll have a harder time flying and end up bumping into things until they find their next meal! So if mosquitoes aren’t getting away with easy meals anymore…how will they survive? You might be wondering how this helps you get rid of mosquitoes since I just suggested letting them live longer. It doesn’t work out like that though because when people start swatting at mosquitos left and right it draws attention to where everyone is hanging out–and that’s where the mosquitoes will be. So if they’re not getting very far in their search for blood, then people are less likely to get bitten because there aren’t as many mosquitos in one area!

Another way you can use this information is by making a wind barrier with fans or whatever else you have on hand so when it gets dark out and everyone comes outside…the mosquitoes won’t be able to find them easily. Turn off your backyard lights too because that makes it easier for them to fly around looking for dinner. You’ll notice fewer mosquito bites just by having these two things down pat!

Get a Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, but they also love body odor. A good way to keep them away is by wearing clothes that don’t smell like you! You can wear natural fabrics or spray some perfume on before heading outdoors if this works for you. Otherwise, there are lots of mosquito repellers out there so just check online and see what’s available in your area! Some people swear by electronic devices designed for use outside while others think citronella candles work best. The choice is all yours–just know that it does work once the mosquitoes get used to the new scents around your property (and I’m not talking about body odor).

Be sure to keep any scented candles or mosquito repellants away from your kids and pets so they don’t accidentally light them on fire or eat something that will make them sick!

Keep the Bugs Away with Plants

Having certain plants around your home can help keep mosquitoes at bay. You probably know this already because I bet some of you have a few ferns or flowers in your backyard to attract bees and butterflies while keeping bugs away from more sensitive areas like the vegetable garden! But did you know that there are other kinds of plants out there that repel insects?

There’s even talk about using these types of plants as natural mosquito repellants which means they might be just as effective as those candles and electronic devices if not better–but we’re still waiting for scientists to conduct experiments on humans before claiming it works. Some people think lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint work best so go ahead and plant one (or all) in your yard to keep mosquitoes away!

Easy Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Property

Make a Trap

If you’re desperate to get rid of mosquitoes, then you can always try making your trap. This is easier than it sounds to because all you need are some plastic bottles and water! Just cut the bottom off so half of each bottle is sitting in the other one with about an inch or two between them. Then poke small holes around where they meet up so when mosquitos fly inside…they won’t be able to escape again. There’s usually enough air coming through for them to breathe but not enough that they’ll reach human size (which only happens if there aren’t any more females left). You will probably have no problem attracting lots of males this way though which means fewer bloodsuckers flying around reaching for your skin!

Remember to dump the water every few days and replace it with clean water so you don’t attract even more mosquitos than before. You can also try placing a small bowl of fruit juice in there (without skewering any holes) instead because that will attract all kinds of insects besides just mosquitoes, which means they’ll be happy feasting on your trap for quite some time until they’re eventually caught inside.

Don’t forget these tips when heading outdoors this summer because nobody wants to get sick from being bitten. If you’re still having trouble with mosquitoes even after trying these tips, then it’s time to call a pest control company and see if they have anything else that will work because the last thing anyone wants is for their family or pets to be suffering during summertime!

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