5 Easy Tips for a Family Photoshoot 

Don’t you just love family photos? All those smiling faces and good times vibes? Every family should have at least a handful of amazing photos to put on a mantelpiece or to turn into a lovely greeting card. If the idea of hiring a photographer to have a photoshoot does not appeal to you – which is understandable as their services are notoriously pricey – there is another route you can take. Just take those pictures yourself!

tips for family photoshoot

That’s right. You can easily save your family some money, have fun, and end up with amazing family photos. Don’t quite know how to do that? Well, that is what we are here to tell you. In this little article, we are going to share with you a few tips on how to hold your personal DIY family photo shoot. Curious? Then off we go!

1. Practice Poses and Think of the Staging

It’s unlikely that you are a family of professional models, so chances are you will feel lost when in front of the camera. To avoid awkward poses and clunky placing of family members within the frame, it is a good idea to practice beforehand. Do it in front of the mirror or take several practice shots to later determine the do’s and don’ts. Surf the Internet to find some inspiration for both staging and posing. 

Once you are done with staged and choreographed pictures, give yourselves a breather and try to just gather together and talk to each other while the camera keeps on shooting – unbeknownst to the majority of the family members. Most of the time when people are free from the pressure of being in the frame, they start to act naturally and more relaxed. This shift of mood will result in great photos.

2. Embrace the Wonders of the Tripod

Since you are taking family pictures, all the family members should be in the frame, otherwise what’s the point? Luckily, most modern cameras either have a remote control or a self-timer. You just need to prop your camera against this makeshift contraption – oops, it fell! Or turned out to be crooked. That is why you are better off using a tripod.

This is a low-cost piece of equipment that produces perfectly straight images. With your camera mounted on a tripod, you’ll have plenty of time to compose your shot and fine-tune your shooting settings. What’s more, a tripod is not only good for an official family photoshoot, but is always a great thing to have when on vacation. 

tips for family photoshoot

3. Edit Your Images in a Batch

The chances are that none of you is a pro photographer, which means you are bound to make some mistakes while taking your family photos. Luckily, this is not a disaster, as most of the flaws can be fixed in post-production. 

This might sound like a recipe for a headache, but hear us out. There is absolutely no need to edit your photos one by one. All of the annoying flaws, such as poor lighting, incorrect color balance, and blurriness, can be fixed on a batch of images. Just make sure to learn how to edit multiple photos at once. Then you’ll be able to perfect your family photos in a snap. 

4. Make Use of the Surroundings

It actually doesn’t matter if you are shooting outdoors or indoors, as long as you take full advantage of what is around you. When you’re outside, encourage your family to interact with the scenery. Make use of rocks, trees, fences, bridges, and so on. 

When shooting indoors, have your family play with whatever you have on set. As long as your family interacts with the furniture and decor, it can become an excellent addition to the photoshoot.

5. Get to Know Your Camera Better

Because you’re probably not a professional photographer, you’ve probably been using Auto mode the entire time. Well, your family photoshoot is the time you need to get closer acquainted with your camera and what it can do. 

Make it your business to thoroughly study the manual and experiment with various settings. Try different aperture widths, learn what ISO stands for and how it affects your shots, and find built-in grids to build a flawless composition. 

And there you go – these are 5 easily doable things that will help you hold an amazing family photoshoot that will surely result in amazing photos. These pictures will always bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. And with the money you’ve saved, go get some snacks for your kids; they’ve earned it after enduring the shoot.

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