Disney on a Budget

Now that we’ve covered the basics of planning your Disney trip, you might be a bit overwhelmed with the cost of everything. It’s no surprise, going to Disney is NOT cheap! Check out these ways that you can save some money and still have the trip of a lifetime!


I know, I know, it sounds crazy right? Take your kids, load them in the car, and drive to Disney, doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, here’s the thing, driving there more often times than not, will cost you far less than if you were to fly. Plane tickets can be hundreds of dollars per person. For the price of one person’s round trip ticket, you can drive everyone there. Of course this might be out of the question if you live too far away, but if you are a day’s drive away (and let’s face it, with two people, you can drive pretty far in one day) you will save a ton by doing this.

Bring your own food!

Did you know that you can in fact bring your own food into Disney? If you are looking to save money this is one of the top priority things to do! Similar to a day at the park, pack snacks and lunches. You can still go out for meals if you prefer, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. (Pick a date to do a character lunch for the experience, but don’t plan on going out each time you get hungry.) Most hotels in the area will have a kitchen or kitchenette in the room. You will be able to purchase food for things such as sandwiches, snacks, drinks etc. to bring into the hotel and park with you. This is far more cost effective and healthier versus purchasing all of your meals during your stay.

Go in late summer or winter.

When you are determining when you will be going to Disney, try to get dates that are in late summer or during winter. These are the least busy times and the prices are lower compared to going during the busy season (spring and early summer). Depending on where you live, if your winter is harsh you can escape to the warm weather while it’s cold back home. Going at the end of summer is also a great trip to take before the kids head back to school.

Buy a souvenir cup and have it refilled for FREE!

If you purchase a souvenir cup at the park, it will come with free refills. This average $15 investment can save you tons of money, especially if you have multiple children with you who are thirsty often. Aside from bringing in your own drinks, this cup will allow for a variety of drinks throughout the day that can easily be shared in other cups with the rest of the family for that one payment price.

For those who travel to Disney frequently what other tips do you have to share?

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