5 Décor Tips to Modernize Your Home

Décor Tips to Modernize Your Home

Modern homes feature vast swathes of glass, shiny materials, and fancy architecture. That is what makes them modern, right? If your home needs modernization, but you are not looking to renovate completely—there’s good news! You can find the modern décor to update your home to this decade from several online sources for incredibly low prices!

Décor Tips to Modernize Your Home


Bargain shopping has always been a favorite among home decorators—at least when decorating their homes. Local shops have some steals if you are willing to look all day, but, at the very least, the selection is always lacking. Online furniture stores, home décor websites, and even niche shops like Etsy all offer near-endless selections of premium décor. The best news? These sites continuously have clearance sales.


Knowing when to click the Buy Now button and when to click the Add to Wishlist button can make all the difference. Seasonal sales, promotional sales, and new inventory sales are all the obvious choices. Following news about major Furniture market events can help draw insight into when retailers may be looking to ditch old product lines fast (read: cheap). This is not always the case, but it happens often enough to keep on your radar. 


Knowing when and where to shop is only part of the key to saving big on home décor. The real secret is to shop beforehand and waiting for your items to go on sale. Sure, you may miss out on a few things, but—eventually—just about everything goes on sale. It pays to set watchlists and periodically cheap to see what’s on sale. This is a bit inconvenient and requires advanced planning. For projects where time is more important—playing the home décor sale waiting game may not be feasible.


Now, with a little preface into the art of shopping online for cheap home décor (without sacrificing quality, of course) we can get to the proverbial “good stuff.” Home décor comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles—so many styles. This vast selection represents an intimidating prospect for even the most seasoned decorator. After all, how does one narrow the selection when the entirety of the Internet at their fingertips? Easy—focus on the highest impact items!

Décor Tips to Modernize Your Home


Mirrors accomplish a lot: they provide the illusion of more living area in narrow spaces, they provide stylistic accents, and they serve a very utilitarian function—by mirroring their environments! Large mirrors provide an impactful presence for modern homes. Where one would typically expect to find bare wall—glassy, glossy, glistening reflections have taken their place. For homes looking to modernize without chopping holes in walls for new, larger windows—mirrors are a dramatic shortcut.


Patterned décor is among the most accessible items for one to make a home more periodic. This can come with a bit of a learning curve—too periodic turns into tacky fast. Rather than trying to match every runner to every doormat to every area rug, calmly seek to replace anything where patterns may dwell with subtle, bespoke modernism. Using modern throw pillows, window treatments, bedding, and even wallpaper (be careful here) all have a dramatic impact. Adding modern patterns to your home décor is also super easy when shopping online because one can add them piecewise in cadence with sales and clearance events. 


Furniture is expensive, at least the furniture one should be buying. However, one needn’t buy entire bedroom sets to update the look of one’s home. Focusing your efforts on accent chairs, accent chests, or smaller occasional pieces like end tables and cocktail tables can have a powerful influence on your home’s overall look—without requiring considerable investment. 

Much like modern patterns, a select number of modern furniture pieces can add a much-needed refresher to your home’s vibe. Like patterns, furniture can be purchased piecewise at one’s leisure to match the sales cycles of even the most luxurious of online furniture websites.


Here’s where we stray from the bargain track. Appliances are the lifeforce of any kitchen motif but need careful consideration for functionality. All that stainless steel looks great to the eye, but don’t sacrifice functionality to get the look. Buying bundled appliances (stove + dishwasher + microwave + refrigerator) can help save thousands in some cases—but require commitment. Shopping for appliances online often becomes a dance of waiting for seasonal sales events. 

However, so much time passes between the 4th of July sales events and Black Friday that one might not have access to the same products. There’s not much advice here, but generally, consider one of two approaches: wait around for deals on single items that kind of match or invest heavily on a matching appliance set during a major seasonal sale. Either way—modernizing your appliances will have a tremendous impact on the look of your home.


This is, perhaps, the easiest and most accessible way to modernize your home décor. Wall color can have a tremendous impact on how guests perceive your home. Many people often fail to grasp that it’s often the lack of wall color that has the most positive influence. Modern wall colors are often expressed as light muted greys or off-whites that allow the room décor to speak more loudly. If you feel your space needs a splash of color—do it with accent pillows, large handing artwork, or even area rugs. The walls of one’s home should be the stage upon which the design motif is set: not the play’s lead. 

Décor Tips to Modernize Your Home

Final Thoughts

Modernizing one’s home can achieve a myriad of goals, from making family time more enjoyable, making guests more excited to come to visit, especially preparing one’s home to fetch a higher market price during sales. Yes, that’s a lot of benefits! Keeping in mind where, when, and why to shop for modern home décor will help keep your overall plan on track. Being tactful in which items to shop for will separate your home from the amateur efforts. 

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