Creative Ways to Play with Pumpkins‏

Looking for unique ways to enjoy pumpkins this fall? Check out this list of creative pumpkin activities that you and your child will love!

Ways to Play With Pumpkins

We all know that carving a pumpkin is great fun and you can make a whole list of crafts just with the pumpkin seeds alone but there are plenty of other creative ways to play with pumpkins that you and your child can enjoy this fall. We all have a great day at the pumpkin patch every year and end up bringing all types of pumpkins home in every shape and size. Check out this awesome list of creative ways to play with pumpkins and have a good old time with your child this year!

Creative Ways to Play With Pumpkins

Pumpkin Ring Toss

For this pumpkin activity, you will need 2 or 3 rings to toss. You can either make them out of plastic lids, cardboard, or poster board. Cut the rings big enough to fit around your pumpkins. Once you have your rings made, you can line 3 or 4 pumpkins in a row (smaller pumpkins work best) and have the kids toss the rings over and around the top of the pumpkins. Do you love these creative ways to play with pumpkins yet?? The kids are going to have a blast! Make more of a game out of it and have prizes for your child to “win”.

Sink or Float

Fill a small Rubbermaid container with water to play sink or float. Have a few different-sized, smaller pumpkins laying there and have your child see if they sink or float. You could carve a few to see if that changes what happens to them. If you have them carved, you may as well check the seeds as well. Do they sink? or do they float??

Rolling Pumpkin Race

Set up 2 lines in your backyard about 20 feet apart. Have the kids start out behind one of the lines, using a broom to push/roll the pumpkins toward the other finish line. This creative way to play with pumpkins works well with a group of kids or alone. It’s a great game to play at a fall party, too!

Bowling with Pumpkins

This one might work better with a bigger pumpkin, if you have one. Save up six 2-liter bottles of soda, clean them, and wash them out. Pour about 1/2 cup of sand or dirt into each one and glue the lid on tight. Set them up like you would bowling pins and roll the pumpkin at the pins to knock them down.

Make Pumpkin Drums

Pumpkins are hollow and hollow means they will make a cool sound when you thump on them. Set up a few different sized pumpkins, grab some wooden spoons and make a band with your kids. They will have a great time beating on them and when you are done, carve them up!

Painting with Pumpkins

Grab a few different-sized pumpkins and gather them in your yard. You can either place a really long roll of white paper across your yard or just use the yard itself as a canvas. Have some bowls of paint lying around for your child to dip and roll their pumpkin in. Then they can roll the pumpkin across the paper or yard while paint flies everywhere! It’s as fun as it can be and will make some pretty interesting art for the walls. Another idea would be to set the long white paper going down your slide and roll the pumpkins down it!! Fun Fun!

Make a Pumpkin Boat

Cut the top off of a miniature pumpkin and scoop the insides out. Add a toothpick with a flag to the top and you have yourself a cute little boat! You can even go on a nature hike and find some acorns or pine cones to float in it. You can get really craft and add some paint and eyes to the acorns to make tiny people. This is one of our favorite creative ways to play with pumpkins!

Make Pumpkin “play” Soup

Carving a pumpkin is another creative ways to play with a pumpkin but take it just one more step and let your child make some pretend soup. After you scrape out the inside goodies and before you carve it add some water and some of the pumpkin seeds back into it. Let them run around the yard and find some “soup” goodies like acorns, leaves and pine cones. Give them a few spoons and let them make you some fabulous soup to try! Serve it up in some small bowls and have a great pretend feast together!

Pumpkin Stamping

The bottom of a miniature pumpkin makes a really cute flower stamp. Pour some paint into little bowls and let your little ones dip the bottom of the pumpkin into the paint and stamp until their hearts are content.

Make a Mummy Pumpkin

Pick up some gauze at your local store and have your child wrap up your pumpkin (toilet paper works well too). Add on some googly eyes and you have yourself a cute little Halloween decoration for your front steps or on the inside of the window frame.

Can you think of any other creative ways to play with pumpkins in your house??

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